Jim Mora post-practice, Nov. 7

Jim Mora post-practice, Nov. 7, 2012 by thejackwang

Transcript below:

On how to keep routine when traveling on the road:
It’s amazing. The food is set up the exact same way every week. The rooms are set up the exact same way every week. All those little details, (associate athletic director of operations) Mike Dowling takes care of so we don’t have to worry about it. I believe it makes a difference. I don’t believe it makes a huge difference, but it helps us not to be distracted, to stay focused. It’s just a little longer bus ride from the airport to the stadium. …

When I was at Washington, we went over there my junior year, we flew Horizon Air. I think we took four planes and just flew in formation because we couldn’t get a jet in to Pullman. We broke it up by A-F (names) on plane one, and so forth.

On Devin Lucien’s potential return from a broken collarbone for USC game:
He’s an excitable guy. He just wants so badly to play. It just kills him not to be out here practicing with his teammates. He was out here today. He’s been cleared to do some of that. He’s going to be running on the side. I think what’s really important is to make sure that thing’s healed. I love his enthusiasm. I love that he’s saying he’s going to be out there. The power of positive thinking is a good thing, but we just still have to wait and see.

On reacting angrily to Randall Goforth’s fake Twitter:
These guys, I feel like they’re my kids. When someone attacks your kids, you get angry. Obviously, I overreacted. Obviously, I don’t want the guy to go to jail. It made good headlines I guess, but I looked at it and I go, ‘You’re just an idiot.’ I’m good for something stupid said every once in a while.

On Mike Leach’s Saturday press conference, in which he pulled out both his lines for public questioning:
I saw it. We’re always checking their websites. You’re looking for tidbits. I’m not in his shoes. I haven’t been up there. It wouldn’t be fair for me to comment. I don’t know what his feelings are or what he’s going through. …

I have (talked like that before). This is me, this has nothing to do with Coach Leach. This guy, he’s won more games than I could even imagine right now. He’s done so many more things than I’ve done, so I would never be critical. I just know that I did it twice with Seattle. I regretted it. That wasn’t my style. I stepped out of character and I regretted and it hurt me and it hurt other people. But that was me. Totally different situation.

On emotional outbursts:
You get attached to these kids. At times, it’s hard to control your emotions. It is. I think it’s because I’m older. … It’s emotion. It’s passion. Coaches, players, managers, equipment, trainers, we invest a lot into this. It’s our life. It’s our livelihood. It’s what we do to feed our families. Just like what you guys do. You invest a lot into your profession, so when it doesn’t go the way you want it too — unless you have tremendous, tremendous personal discipline — at times, you become emotional.

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  • Brian Kamata

    I guess thats all this blog is now, just transcripting the press conference. No grades, no new tidbits, nothing on recruits, nothing on any other sports.

    • I mostly agree, but did we usually have things on other sports (aside from maybe basketball)?

      • Brian Kamata

        we had the whole set of articles on baseball when the school went to the CWS (Gold went to omaha). Sometimes he had some stuff on Cantlay when he was tearing it up in golf. Just some side pieces during slow times.

    • George B

      I know Scott Wolf is not the most likeable reporter and the $C fans have begged for a trade with us for Dohn, Gold or Melendez. But at this point, I would welcome a trade. At least Wolf gives relevant updates to his blog and attracts conversation among his readers. Just look at the number of comments he gets on his posts. If you want to develop a fan base and support you need to step up buddy! Your piece on Jetski was OK but others have written more stories in addition to blogging here constantly. How long does it take to write a few more blog posts? If I was a full time reporter at a major news outlet, I would work my butt off to please the audience, first and foremost and incorporating their feedback. BTW, here is the blog post scorecard from this past week.

      Scott Wolf 9
      Jack Wang 2

      Scott Wolf 4
      Jack Wang 1

      Scott Wolf 6
      Jack Wang 3

      Scott Wolf 8
      Jack Wang 2

      Scott Wolf 10
      Jack Wang 4 (including gameday chat)

      Scott Wolf 6
      Jack Wang 3

      Jack, if you’re not going to go back and review Dohn, Gold and Melendez to see how it was done, at least look at Wolf’s blog and take a lesson or you will lose everyone to other sites which are now more interesting than this one.

  • Arnie Moen

    I thought Coach Mora looked a little peaked…a little pale…maybe ‘wan’ is a better word…on this video. Is the strain of coaching at this level getting to him? Perhaps he’ll look a bit healthier on the next video.

    • Probably a day-to-day thing. Might even just be white-balance issues.

      Almost certainly nothing to worry about.

  • agree with you Brian. Would be nice to get some addtl. info on recruiting, e.g. top OL recruit Christian Morris wavering. looking more closely at SEC schools – I think he’s not a Bruin at heart – least we’ve got a handful of other good OL recruits on board, hoping UCLA can use the scholie as effectively elsewhere…

  • kiriba08

    This is a classic trap game scenario…a true test for how Mora & staff can keep the the team focused…road game, low temps, and 2 big games coming up the next 2 weeks..we will know by Sunday.

  • Rob M

    Jack: I know that you have only been on the job for a short while and I will continue to be patient for a short while longer. However, the regulars of this blog expect a lot more (content) than what you’ve put up so far. I understand that the blog changed software and you lost some people from that change (which isn’t entirely a bad thing, ie. eliminating “anonymous” posts). However, this blog was/is a place for hourly updates, not just daily links to press conference soundbites and today’s print article. Even if only to open a topic of discussion for the community of this blog. Before, you could log in to this page several times throughout the day and see a new segment, or at least new comments to further the discussion. The current comment numbers are so low, I am afraid that you might have lost too many people already.

    The one thing that seems to stand out is your lack of enthusiasm. I was a fan of Jon Gold. When he started, he posted A LOT. He introduced video to the blog, ran a lot of mini-segments (Q&A, 10 Q’s for players, Know vs. Think, etc) He was a monster during recruitment/Letter Signing Day). Melendez was thrown into the job and he did his best to hit the ground running, posting as much as possible (San Bernardino camp), while keeping those same segments going and keeping reader interaction active. While I wasn’t a big fan of Melendez (Miguel’s syntax was horrible and his grammar/spelling needed some work), what he did show was hustle. A LOT of hustle.

    A baseball analogy: If two guys get to first base with the same time, one with bad form and one with good form. Which would you rather have on your team? Answer: The one with bad form (Miguel) because once he improves, he’ll beat you to the bag every time. Just because you can write a better sentence, does not necessarily make you a better reporter.

    I don’t think it’s too late. With this new format, the renewed interest in our Football team and with Basketball season starting soon, now is the opportunity to recapture your readership. I know you did not get off on the right foot and that there are a lot of internet jerks/trolls, but please do not abandon this blog. I will remain patient to see some improvement, but if it is your (or Daily News’) intention that this is how the blog will continue, please just inform us now. It will save us all a lot of time and whining/complaining.

    • USConquer

      Don’t usually comment here, but just had to comment on this. I’ve noticed a big drop off in comments on this blog and to be honest, it’s not as interesting as it was before when Melendez or Dohn ran it. Did Miguel make some spelling mistakes? Just a few. I’m not sure that Jack can write a better sentence from what I;ve read. It’s flair without substance at times. Miguel had an engaging style of writing AND

      • George B

        Yup, just like said above. At least all the others are hustling to get inside info of reader’s interest including Scott Wolf whether they are factual or not, at least it’s an interesting read. Jack just seems to be reporting facts and figures that we can get on our own elsewhere. No opinions, no Q&A, no big scoops. At least Miguel was hustling, even though DN would not get him a real camera, he used his own iPhone and even bought an expensive lens attachment which he had to return because he can’t afford it without a steady job. He deserved this beat just for his hustle and effort. Jack needs to step it up. He even complained that he might not be in chat last week because it was a night game and he had a deadline. I’ve never heard that from Dohn, Gold or Melendez and they had the same night games with chat going on. They just left 15-30 minutes before the game ended, as I recall. I know Jack is young but that’s when you should be most greatful for this incredible opportunity and hustling your butt working 24/7 but I just don’t see it from his attitude.

        Jack, if you really read these comments, you need to study the past reporters here to see what everyone is talking about. I don’t mind you having your own style but this is ridiculous.

        • USConquer

          I think this is a slap in the face by the Daily News to you Bruins fans to be perfectly honest. Melendez seemed to be doing a good job and he was a hard worker. that was evident from all of the positive comments from disappointed fans when he wrote his last blog. The DN is ridiculous in that they dont listen to their readers. Maybe they think that the only way to make money is to piss off fans from both major university footbal programs in LA every so often like TJ Slimers does at that aging paper .

  • Bruwins

    The blog didn’t even mention Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week, Eric Kendricks. Sigh…

    • George B



    I have never been one to be a “Negative Nelly,” but this blog has seriously deteriorated!

  • JXBruin

    This blog blows big time. I used to come here several times a day, and now I figure maybe once every few days or so. I don’t miss it much anymore. Really liked reading this blog (whether it was Dohn, Gold or Melendez) and had been following it for years, but now it’s just plain disappointing. DN really screwed up on this one.

  • Daniel

    I agree with all the commenters below. We need more content and opinion. I really liked Melendez as well. He really wanted the job and deserved it.
    It’s still early, Jack, so I hope you can step up to the plate. Hope all is well with you.

  • Totally agree. This blog blows and Miguel was wrongly let go. Jack Wang hasn’t done ANYTHING to prove that is better or even on par with Miguel or even Jon Gold for that matter. Daily News is a joke.

  • Larry Montgomery

    Wow! What happened to this blog? What happened to Miguel? I didn’t see this blog for a couple of weeks and now it is unrecognizable. Can somebody recommend someplace to get UCLA info? I,ve been reading this space since Dohn and pretty much liked and thought Miguel was doing a very good job. Really no reason to come here anymore. Very disappointing.