Jim Mora post-practice, Nov. 7

Jim Mora post-practice, Nov. 7, 2012 by thejackwang

Transcript below:

On how to keep routine when traveling on the road:
It’s amazing. The food is set up the exact same way every week. The rooms are set up the exact same way every week. All those little details, (associate athletic director of operations) Mike Dowling takes care of so we don’t have to worry about it. I believe it makes a difference. I don’t believe it makes a huge difference, but it helps us not to be distracted, to stay focused. It’s just a little longer bus ride from the airport to the stadium. …

When I was at Washington, we went over there my junior year, we flew Horizon Air. I think we took four planes and just flew in formation because we couldn’t get a jet in to Pullman. We broke it up by A-F (names) on plane one, and so forth.

On Devin Lucien’s potential return from a broken collarbone for USC game:
He’s an excitable guy. He just wants so badly to play. It just kills him not to be out here practicing with his teammates. He was out here today. He’s been cleared to do some of that. He’s going to be running on the side. I think what’s really important is to make sure that thing’s healed. I love his enthusiasm. I love that he’s saying he’s going to be out there. The power of positive thinking is a good thing, but we just still have to wait and see.

On reacting angrily to Randall Goforth’s fake Twitter:
These guys, I feel like they’re my kids. When someone attacks your kids, you get angry. Obviously, I overreacted. Obviously, I don’t want the guy to go to jail. It made good headlines I guess, but I looked at it and I go, ‘You’re just an idiot.’ I’m good for something stupid said every once in a while.

On Mike Leach’s Saturday press conference, in which he pulled out both his lines for public questioning:
I saw it. We’re always checking their websites. You’re looking for tidbits. I’m not in his shoes. I haven’t been up there. It wouldn’t be fair for me to comment. I don’t know what his feelings are or what he’s going through. …

I have (talked like that before). This is me, this has nothing to do with Coach Leach. This guy, he’s won more games than I could even imagine right now. He’s done so many more things than I’ve done, so I would never be critical. I just know that I did it twice with Seattle. I regretted it. That wasn’t my style. I stepped out of character and I regretted and it hurt me and it hurt other people. But that was me. Totally different situation.

On emotional outbursts:
You get attached to these kids. At times, it’s hard to control your emotions. It is. I think it’s because I’m older. … It’s emotion. It’s passion. Coaches, players, managers, equipment, trainers, we invest a lot into this. It’s our life. It’s our livelihood. It’s what we do to feed our families. Just like what you guys do. You invest a lot into your profession, so when it doesn’t go the way you want it too — unless you have tremendous, tremendous personal discipline — at times, you become emotional.