• SlipperyPete

    So you are the beat writer, but you don’t file the game stories for the away or home games? What is it that you do again?

  • kiriba08

    Jack, I assume you are up in Pullman covering the FOOTBALL game that the Bruins have today.

    How about some original reporting info from you (not just posting stuff that others have done).

  • George B

    C’mon Jack any updates? Since you’re up there, what’s the weather like? Everyone is denying the cold will affect us but how does it really feel at 20 degrees at night? Small tidbits on gameday would help.

  • How does the ruling “dampen” the victory? It was a great night overall and Muhammad is out with an injury so wasn’t expected to pay anyway.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I would agree–dampen is the right word. Nice win, and Adams was awesome, but yeah, getting news like that 90 min before tip-off did dampen the celebration of a revived Pauley, etc. IMO.

  • DeShaun Son

    Jack, so what’s the worst case can happen for Shabazz? These violations were committed before UCLA right? I think it he will be suspended for a multiple games but not a whole season.