• George B

    I think we all agree that this blog is not ever going to be like it was. And I think Jack not responding to our requests shows that. He’s only answered one question recently where someone questioned his facts on B. Hundley’s completions for the WSU game that I know of.

    But I do see that he is on Twitter quite a bit everyday and I guess that is the trend these days so if you still want some current info on the Bruins, that’s about all we’ll get from DN and Jack, other than bits like this which is written like a side note rather than a feature story, which it could be.

    It’s unfortunate that this blog could not continue like it once was but I thank DN for the past and now it’s time for us to move on to other sources like BN which despite its demented crew, has some good content, BZ which keeps the 1990’s style forum for us old folks, BSR and BRO for good paid content and smaller sites like GoJoeBruin, PuntingIsWinning, BeatSC, Bruin247, and BruinGold which have much more interesting content than we get here. If there are any others, please let me know.

    Jack, I hope you have a great career but you either you are not motivated for this gig or DN is not allowing you to do your job as you should. So no hard feelings, just sad that it is what it is now.

    • thanks for the addtl links George.
      sorry “inside ucla” or insidesocal no longer bookmark worthy, but i’m not interested in going back to BN’s religious rhetoric, either.

    • Bruwins

      Two weeks in a row we have Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week and this blog once again didn’t mention it.

    • No, never BN, unless you call sycophantic foaming-at-the-mouth “some good content.”

      (As anyone familiar with both sites knows, anything decent there came from Gold or Miguel here.)

  • LABruins

    Yes I agree and am very disappointed. Btw does anyone know what sections the trojan$ are sitting in for tbe game this weekend? Im trying to get tix via stubhub and do not want to sit with them.

    • Bruwins

      The last 10 years they’ve been sitting on the usual visitors sections (Sec 14 and 15) and dominate the General seating section (10 to 13 and 24 to 27). Of course, many more sit on our sides from our fans who sold them the tickets. Their band always sit on lower section 27.

  • disqus_IULGAnXRgx

    Haven’t been here for a while, ever since that unscrupulous first post by the Wanger. Saw the post on Baca and decided to click. The fact that it takes you to the DN website says all I need to know about this blog. There’s no content here that you can’t get elsewhere. Not worth it. I’ve already taken the site off my bookmark. No need to even visit anymore. See ya, DN.

    • Jack should have apologized and started with a clean slate.

      Pretending that something never happened and hoping it will go away does not restore relationships.

  • Guest

    Go Joe Bruin is infested with Trojans.