UPDATED: Kyle Anderson injures right hand

*UPDATE: Howland said Anderson will receive an x-ray tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. If the x-ray is negative, he’ll get an MRI at noon.

Expecting an update tomorrow afternoon*

Former LANG intern Sam Strong here, helping Jack out with hoops during ‘SC week.

Freshman Kyle Anderson briefly left the first half of Tuesday’s game with a right wrist injury. Anderson dove into a group of photographers for a loose ball and quickly made his way off the floor holding his wrist and wincing in pain.

After passing some dribbling and shooting tests on the sideline with a group of trainers, Anderson returned to action but was still obviously bothered by the injury.

Something to keep an eye on for the rest of the game/week.

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  • uclaballboy

    It’s ok, we have Jordan Adams… he’s a baller.!

  • Rob M

    Welcome Sam… Glad to see you still on the beat. Hope you can help out as much as possible around here and breathe some life back into the blog. Get the ball rolling (again), so to speak…

  • gryme

    Thank goodness. Jack needs a lot of help. This blog has turned to crap.

  • Thank goodness for you Sam. Maybe you can help out for good. I’m trying to give Jack a chance to acclimate, but he really does not seem to care. I hope you or Miguel can take over.

  • What does playing SC Saturday have to do with covering a basketball game Tuesday? It is true, the blog has really fallen off.

  • Dave1002

    I’m assuming if jack can’t even make to the bball game there must a huge well done football story coming right? Strange a Saturday home game keeps someone from a Tuesday hone bball game…. just sayin

  • Daniel

    For USC week, Jack has posted just one video and he needs help? That just doesn’t make sense.