Anderson has bone contusion, is game-time decision for Thursday

Freshman point forward Kyle Anderson will be a game-time decision for UCLA’s Thursday night game against James Madison. He was tested Wednesday after injuring his hand Tuesday night; preliminary results from an X-ray were negative, and an MRI indicated a bone contusion.

Anderson left briefly in the first half of the 80-79 overtime win over UC Irvine after he dove for a loose ball and landed on his right hand. Bruins head coach Ben Howland said that in watching film, he noticed that Anderson tripped over a cameraman’s foot on the baseline. Unlike photographers, the cameraman shot video was permitted to position himself closer to the court.

“I don’t like that rule at this point,” Howland said. “That’s not a UCLA rule, that’s a conference rule.”

Anderson shot just 2 of 7 from the free throw line against the Anteaters.

Junior guard Tyler Lamb, who is recovering from knee surgery, is also a game-time decision for Thursday’s tipoff against JMU.

Other notes:

— Four-star recruit Zach LaVine, who committed to UCLA in June, has officially signed his letter of intent. The 6-foot-4 combo guard out of Washington’s Bothell High is expected to play more of a shooting guard role next year, although Larry Drew’s graduation and Anderson’s potential departure for the NBA draft leaves a gap at the one spot.

“He is going to be a very good player,” Howland said. “Can really shoot it. … He’s got a lot of upside. He went from 6 feet going into his junior year and is now about 6-foot-4 going into his senior year.”

— Although the Bruins held UC Irvine to 39.7 percent from the field, their defensive performance was still a patchwork affair. The Anteaters shot 10 of 22 from beyond the arc, including two in the final three minutes that gave them a two-point lead. If it weren’t for Jordan Adam’s late free throws — and UCI’s subsequent missed free throws — UCLA likely would have lost in regulation.

“Our sense of urgency on defense was not great,” Howland said. “You could see the freshmen are all learning stuff for the first time. That last 3-point shot by (Michael) Wilder, Jordan had no clue. That guy was curling around and got a wide open three. These freshmen are going to make a lot of mistakes defensively. Kyle’s trying to learn how to play defense at this level for this first time. Everybody made mistakes.”

— The Bruins were outrebounded 51-39 Tuesday night, and were beat 16-8 on the offensive boards.

“Norman (Powell) continues to leak out on the shot like we’ve got Patrick Ewing down there rebounding for us,” Howland said. “That’s not the case. There was a lot of scramble situations. They beat us to a lot of those. Again, credit Irvine.”

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  • Rob M

    Thank you for posting this in a timely manner. Any word on bringing Q&A and other segments back to the blog?

    • CM

      this blog is dead. really too bad.

  • disqus_GB6YzHydVW

    “Four-star recruit Zach LaVine” LOL. Why don’t you cite the reference? In the past, while both Rival’s and Scout’s rankings have been used, you decide to reference the company who lists him with the lower ranking. I wonder why that is? And because you don’t even cite which company you used, it just further makes you look stupid and juvenile.

  • LABruins

    Should at least mention that Damien Thigpen will be ready for the SC game after missing last weeks game.

  • Daniel

    I am loving ALL this coverage of the biggest game the year against USC.

    • Rob M

      My patience is spent. Over the past week, I and several posters have asked about the state of the blog and still no response. I guess silence IS their answer.

      19 hours since this post went up and nothing new posted yet… The ONE game EVERYONE waits the whole year to see is less than 48 hours away and this is the coverage we get. Way to drop the ball Daily News. Jack, great job doing the bare minimum (if even that).

  • Dave1002

    Anyone have any idea where I can get the type of info we used to get from this site?

    Why in the hell did they get rid of Miguel… he worked his but off. But at this point I would even welcome john gold back.

  • Brian Kamata

    I liked the Patrick Ewing comment by Howland. Pretty funny coming from a serious guy like him

  • gettingupdatesonmyown

    Kyle posted on his twitter over three hours ago saying “My wrist is fine… I’m playing tonight!”

  • kiriba08


    Perhaps someone has mentioned to you that UCLA has 2 very important FOOTBALL games coming up.

    Hoops has been big @ UCLA in the past, but right now its FOOTBALL. Hoops should be the focus after the FOOTBALL season has run its course.

    Get with it pal!

    • maze949

      I think we all just want more coverage OVERALL. One sport doesn’t have to preclude the other. But you’re right, at this point in the season, FB should be the priority.

  • grave soul

    Here is the info for the sports editor, Gene Warnick.
    Twitter: @genewarnick
    Phone: 818-713-3632

    It seems like either Jack Wang or the entire DN sports desk have given up on this blog. That’s really unfortunate. Let Gene know how you feel.

  • Jack Wangs

    Yeah Jack!!!! You are killin’ it with your major news debut here at InsideUCLA! I enjoyed this post for all of the inside information! Keep up the good work as this is my 1st and only stop for UCLA news!

  • I don’t wish harm to anyone’s employment, and I sincerely wish that Jack had made an effort to redress his ill-judged debut.

  • You guys are way harsh. Jon Gold went days without an update. Also, we should all give this dude a chance.

  • This is a free blog as Jon Gold used to say. Take a freaking chill pill everyone.

  • Down with wang

    Did anyone else get a quick reply from Gene Warnick after bitching about the terrible job he’s doing?