No more swords

USC won’t be stabbing the UCLA logo at midfield this year, but Jim Mora said he was more focused on the game.

“I have nothing to do with that,” Mora said Wednesday. “All that stuff, that’s periphery stuff.”

Mora had said earlier this week that he wasn’t concerned with stopping the USC tradition: “We’re going to be in the locker room. I don’t think I’ll be out there laying down on the UCLA logo or anything like that.”

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  • sam

    you’re about two days late with this. I don’t understand why this blog even exists anymore. I keep coming back just hoping there would be actual coverage like the good ol days.

  • kiriba08

    It’s obvious that this blog is in the toilet these days. I’m not sure if this Jack guy is just inept/lazy or if he is following a Daily News directive to let this blog die.

    I’m going to contact DN management to see if they can provide any clarification.

    Here are the people that I’m going to contact via email:

    Sports Editor
    Gene Warnick
    Twitter: @genewarnick 818-713-3632

    Managing Editor – Digital
    Toni Sciacqua
    Twitter: @dailybreezeME 310-540-5511, Ext. 6436

    Perhaps some of you folks that are interested in having this blog revived might also want to shoot an email to the above people.

    • Daniel

      I’ll do the same. This is very disappointing.

    • Gary Greenacre

      Done. Thank you for the email addresses.

  • Glad we’re cracking down on the SC band

  • Bruinwalk

    Mora SHOULD care. Have some PRIDE!

  • Bruinwalk

    Oh almost forgot . . . YOU SUCK WANG


    No big deal. There was enough stabbing in the parking lot 2 years ago and a killing on the field last year.

  • EncinitasBruin

    It’s rivalry week and we’ve seen diddly. One little piece about Baca, and some weak AP-type stuff about the sword, etc.? We all love Bruin basketball, but this is the first time the cross-town rivalry has meant more than bragging rights for both teams in about a decade! I’m finding myself on ESPN and reading Yoon’s stuff a lot more often. I used to check in about once a day, but it’s going to be one a week now. If things pick up, I might be back. Show us your stuff, Jack. We’re waiting.