Comments from Shabazz’s attorney

Shabazz is finally eligible, as everyone knows by now. Some additional thoughts from Muhammad’s attorney Robert Orr, who hadn’t actually talked to Shabazz yet as of this afternoon. Kids these days, eschewing talking for texts.

First, the obvious:
“Well, it certainly has extended out far longer than I ever anticipated. It became more convoluted, shall we say, as time went on. Which of course was extraordinarily frustrating for Shabazz and difficult for his family. People forget he’s a teenager who wants to play basketball for UCLA. All this attention and focus on NCAA matters was really tough on him.”

Some very minor dissatisfaction, since UCLA still technically agreed that there were violations:
“I felt all along that the original interpretation was incorrect. Even though the final resolution between the UCLA and the NCAA affirms that initial interpretation, the ultimate resolution was in Shabazz’s best interest. I’m appreciative of all the good work UCLA did there.”

On whether or not the conversation overheard by an anonymous attorney pressured the NCAA this week:
“I don’t know that ‘pressure’ is the word I’d use. I think it certainly raised serious issues which I’m sure the NCAA will be investigating internally. Probably contributed to everybody agreeing that the sooner this case was resolved the better it would be for all concerned. I think the result tonight reflects that.”

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  • Thanks for the reporting!

    Seems like the NCAA realized they were digging a hole and bailed out.


    Guarantee you Bazz got more than $1600 from UCLA…..

    • Nick Baebler

      Well yeah we had to beat out kentucky

    • Nick Baebler

      Well yeah we had to beat out kentucky

      • Nick Baebler

        Relax it was a joke take it easy brother

    • UCLA paid for recruiting trips to North Carolina and Duke?

      If you’re going to troll, you ought to avoid utter humiliation and get at least the basic facts straight.