UCLA vs. USC: HC & QB edition

Try Jim Mora and Lane Kiffin

They own big personalities, perfect for staying relevant in Los Angeles. They like to talk, which adds to the drama of this rivalry. Or any old regular week in the season.

Or Brett Hundley and Matt Barkley, freshman edition …

“Brett plays with a lot of poise,” Mora said. “He’s able to put a good play or bad play behind him and move on. I don’t know Matt Barkley personally, but when I watch him play and watch him on TV, he’s probably a similar type of guy. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he’s a great quarterback who’s got a tremendous future in the NFL.”

Or if you’d rather stick with just UCLA, John Barnes’ unbelievable heroics from two decades back.

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  • Gary Greenacre

    Good articles.

  • Anonymous

    The headline says “UCLA Vs. UCLA”….you may want to switch that quickly. And also, in matt Barkley’s freshman year, USC beat Boston College in the Emerald Bowl. You may want to fix those 2 errors. Not trying to attack you…just trying to help!

    • Jack Wang

      Thanks. Sorry about that.

  • Anonymous

    Your headline for this blog post reads, “UCLA Vs. UCLA”…you may want to change that quickly. Also, in your article, in Barkley’s freshman year, the team went 9-4 and beat Boston College in the Emerald Bowl in SF…they weren’t under the ban yet….you may want to edit that if possible. Not trying to attack you…just trying to help!