• maze949

    Um, that’s not the “Victory Bell”…that’s Geoff Strand’s cheering bell. Maybe you meant that Brett Hundley rang “a” bell after a victory…maybe you were trying to play on words. HOW did it come to this, Daily News? GO BRUINS!!

    • Jack Wang

      Right, just a bell being rung in victory. I’ll amend that.

    • Paul

      Yup… the writing around here has been terrible….

      I could write better, and more frequently, for a quarter of Wang’s salary.. Then again, given the quality of the product, I’m pretty sure Daily News isn’t paying much to begin with.

      • blo2thehead

        Paul, you don’t need those first two comma’s.See ya on the Pulitzer list!

    • Was the title different before? “Rings bell in victory” sounds fine by me.

      • maze949

        Yes, it’s been changed now.

        • samollie

          Get over yourself. We all know it was an honest mistake. Nobody likes that guy who constantly corrects people.

      • maze949

        It originally read “rings victory bell” all lower case, with video of Brett Hundley ringing Geoff Strand’s cheering bell. The “Victory Bell” (and I don’t mean this condescendingly, as it sounds like you REALLY don’t know) is the Trophy, the just-rewards–the actual BELL–which is given to the victor after the Cross-town Game.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Victory bell, Liberty Bell, Patty LaBelle…who cares what bell it was? The point is, it was wrong in V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. Now let’s slap some blue paint on the damn Victory Bell and ring it everyday for a year!

  • Jack Wangs

    AMAZING coverage tonight Jack! Who cares if the SC blog has a ton of comments and views?! Your content was amazing all week leading up to this game!

    Way to go on your rivalry debut Jack! Keep up the amazing and dedicated work!

  • It’s like some of you guys are hating just to hate. I am very grateful for this FREE blog and don’t need to pay some other for pay sites. The coverage is not substantially worse than Jon Gold in my opinion. You should enjoy what we get or just stop bitching like my yapping wife and don’t come to this website. As for you Jack, I know you must care and are trying your best. Perhaps you need to try a bit harder. Cliff UCLA 1995.

    • maze949

      No “hate just to hate”, I just think a BEAT WRITER on the BEAT during the “BIG GAME” should get certain facts straight…like “Victory Bell”, in this particular case.

      Jason – 2004, cum laude

  • Speaking of the Victory Bell, it would be nice to see some vid & story with that…& just real UCLA deep stuff, ya know? Thnx for the vids though, the on-field stuff is fantastic.

    • & like the “dance-off,” or whatever they called it, in the locker room after the win, I’d reeeeeally like to know all about it! Go Bruins!!

  • Gary Greenacre

    I’ve heard comments that UCLA will play the PAC-12 championship against the winner of Oregon-Stanford. How does that work? Both teams have a conference game left. Assume Oregon wins (8-1) and Stanford loses (7-2), UCLA would still play Stanford for the championship even though Oregon would have a better conference record?

    • If Stanford beats UCLA, they win the North. If Stanford loses and Oregon loses to Oregon state, Stanford wins the North. If Stanford loses and Oregon wins, Oregon wins the North. (I think!)

  • EncinitasBruin

    Nice game-day work, Jack. Thank you. On to the game: We’ve had to take crap about that stupid “monopoly is over” billboard for years now, and I was more than sick of it. But man, sitting in the rain in the Rose Bowl, scoreboard shining out 38-28 was friggin’ sweet indeed. Through the downpour and the lights, if you used just a little imagination, a message hung over the atmosphere in the Arroyo Seco: “NOW the monopoly in L.A. is over!”

  • We can all agree Jack is not a good reporter.

    • kiriba08

      Don’t think I can agree with your observation. A “reporter” is just like an accountant…they just deal with things that have already happened (think near term historian).

      I’m looking for Jack to get into the forward mode and deal with stuff that might happen in the near future as well as stuff that is currently going on in real time.

      He’s improving, but time will tell.

  • blo2thehead

    Fitting end for quarterback Matt Barkley after being forced from the game when he was needed most. He adorned the exact opposite expression on his face at the end of the game as a freshman……right after he faked taking a knee to run out the clock but instead threw a deep pass for a touchdown. Ironic.