Game coverage roundup

– UCLA 38, USC 28: Bruins defeat Trojans in battle of L.A.

A dance party erupted in the UCLA locker room, one filled with primal screams and sprayed Sprite streams. The team rule, as it has been all season, allots 24 hours for celebration. Coming off their biggest win in years, the No. 17 Bruins were going to use each and every one of them.

– UCLA beats USC to end college football monopoly in Los Angeles:

UCLA can say the monopoly is over, and now it’s really true. Jim Mora didn’t want to go there, but he doesn’t have to because it goes without saying. When asked point blank, Mora paused, smirked, said he didn’t know and glanced in another reporter’s direction so he could answer something else. He wanted to say it, but he didn’t. We know.

– USC vs. UCLA: Fans support their teams while tailgating in the rain

Clint Hamblin said he went to Lowe’s, bought a chunk of sod for $3.50, flung it over his shoulder, had his fiancé, Kara, spray paint the UCLA script logo into it, and then tacked it to a piece of plywood.

Photo gallery, featuring sad Xavier Grimble on slide No. 12.

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  • When it comes to posting recycled content, you have the skills s a 20-year vet!

    • Seriously? We have our biggest and most joyful victory in who knows how long and all you want to do is criticize Jack. Come on man, you must be better than this.