• Jack Wangs

    Yeah Jack!!! Way to go. Another amazing blog post. Keep up the great work baby!

  • nybruin

    was at the game today… I miss the Howland Defense of old, when Ryan Hollins, LRMM or Aboya was hedging close to the halfline and everyone was playing in your face man-to-man. Sure, some desperation last second shots went in, but then they had enough space to make decent shots. Also, the O still can’t deal with zone!!!! I have never doubted CBH, but this one is totally on him.

    • Hogsman

      I feel the same way. I’ve given Coach Howland the benefit of the doubt for the last several years, but I’m wondering if he’s burnt out now. I know he’s got a very young squad that needs time to jell, especially since Muhammad is just now playing, but the team looked clueless on defense at times. The loss may not be such a bad thing – the players had sounded way too confident prior to the game. Maybe a dose of reality (and humility) will spark some better focus and effort.

  • cliq

    so uhh.. we ever going to get video transcripts? or at least interesting quotes from these videos? come on man, if you want more clicks/views/plays of the video, you have to start doing that. I see 6 videos on the front page, with nothing on it. All this tells me is that you can hold a camera and post videos. Please start adding text/transcripts/interesting parts to the bottom of each video.

    unless of course this blog and increasing its readership is low priority in your work load.


    I hope Howland stays at UCLA forever. He could be the most overrated coach ever. How does he lose to Georgetown with all that talent?

    • maze949

      I hope your drunk embarrassment of a coach stays at SUC forever too–Fight on to 7 wins!