Abbott finalist for Burlsworth Trophy

A low-profile, but interesting award given to the nation’s best player who started his career as a walk-on. You can also vote for Andrew Abbott, which counts for five percent during each round. Finalists will be announced on Nov. 27, and the winner on Dec. 3.

Pac-12 All-Academic teams were also released yesterday. Jeff Locke (3.70, Economics) made first team for the third time, and was joined by freshman center Jake Brendel (3.60, Math/Applied Sciences). Steve Manfro (3.20, undeclared) was the Bruins’ lone representative on the second team. As announced in June, UCLA ranked third in academic progress rate among conference members.

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  • cliq

    3.7 in Econ? damn, he’s going to graduate cum laude.

  • kiriba08

    Lets have some forward looking stuff (coach, player interviews, etc) regarding the big FOOTBALL upcoming game with Stanford. It appears that you have no direct access to the UCLA football program…or perhaps it is a lack of interest on your part.

  • ungalan

    ya gotta love it when this blogs links to espn for news…that’s what its come to. Special thanks to all the haters who ran off Gold…bet you’d love to see a “two fat guys” bit now wouldn’t ya!

  • ScottInHillmanCity

    What happened to Miguel? What happened to my former login? How come this blog sucks now? It used to be my go-to place for all things UCLA…from Dohn to Gold to Miguel…it had huge readership…and the old format was better, too. I don’t like this WordPress…I can’t login with my former user name. Also, as a critique, I liked how all the former writers would include a transcript with video. For whatever reason, I would rather read a transcript than watch a video…for most all sites. I hardly ever read MSNBC because practically everything links to a video. I also miss the questions and answers. Anyway…guess I will find somewhere else to go. I abandoned the L.A. Times years ago, mainly due to one writer — TJ Simmers — guess now I will abandon this one as well. It’s too bad. I’ve started visiting the ESPN UCLA blog…it’s okay…and there’s the Orange County Registrar…but I really loved the Daily News UCLA blog — it was THE best source of info on UCLA anywhere — and am very sad it go. What’s a Bruin In Seattle to do?

    • kiriba08

      Very True…this blog is really weak since this new guy (Jack Wang) took over. Hopefully the Daily News higher ups will notice and replace this guy with somebody willing to put in the work to do a much better job.

  • LABruins

    How could you let this blog go to crap during one of the most exciting (and successful) UCLA seasons, football AND basketball, in recent memory? Zero effort. U should just pass it on to someone else since you don’t give a damn.

  • grave soul

    Jack Wang: These are not simply aberrant criticisms of your work thus far by a few churlish fans. At this stage, it’s painfully obvious that the majority of readers are disappointed in your work. For whatever reason (and ultimately it doesn’t matter why), you have failed to provide at the very least decent coverage and commentary, especially with regards to a football team on the rise. This is a snub to UCLA fans that have been coming to this blog for inside info for several years. I’m really wondering if it might be best for you to step aside. Or is there something that we fans are unaware of that is preventing you from succeeding at outputting quality material?

    I don’t think you are building good sportswriter karma by not taking the bull by the horns and being responsive to and with the few readers left.

    Sorry to write this, but I really miss Miguel Melendez’s coverage and his work ethic.

  • Jack Wangs

    Jack! You’re doing amazing. Don’t let these harsh critics get you down. These people have no lives to be criticizing your work on Thanksgiving!

    I came on here to tell you Happy Thanksgiving Jack! Your work is highly appreciated

  • nybruin

    It pains me to write this, because this was my go to site for ucla info since the dohn days. I thought the high praises for miguel were going overboard, but now i find myself getting better ucla info from his tweets! Of course Jack is a much better writer, but the lack of dedication is just plain ridiculous. I am boycotting this site for a whole week, until the end of november.

  • I think the coverage could be better but I don’t rely only on this blog to get my UCLA info. I felt the same way about Jon Gold. His coverage wasn’t that great either. What I can’t stand is this incessant whining. If you don’t like the site just don’t come here. The lack of activity may put people at the newspaper on notice. Plus I don’t think the newspaper makes a lot of money off of this blog, do they? So maybe Jack is focusing on his newspaper column. Heck if I care or know. Just stop whining and take a hike. I come to these blogs to take mind off my yapping wife and my stressful job. I don’t need whiners spoiling whatever time I have in my own. Goodnight now!

    • grave soul

      It’s ironic that you are imploring for us not to “whine” by…well, by whining–and about your wife and job, no less. At this point, most of the readers have legitimate concerns for a blog that was once the best and most interesting go to source for information on major Bruins sports. Please don’t equate the writing of legitimate concerns with “whining.”

  • EncinitasBruin

    Hi Jack–trying to stay positive about the blog. Have I missed something on the coverage for the Stanford game tomorrow? You did a nice preview piece on the 19th–any newer articles on the pre-game lead up…?

  • BruinFBBB

    newsflash to everyone: this blog is not a priority for DN and hasn’t been for a while. is jack even a full-time employee? obviously miguel was better but jack is presumably a lot cheaper as a recent grad and that’s fine. can’t expect DN to throw money at this blog when there is no ROI. jack could be the best blogger in the world but the ad revenue/publicity just isn’t there

  • mikey likes it

    If there is no revenue from the blog thus not a priority for the DN why not ask the Bruin journalism department to provide an intern to provide DAILY updates on the team. They would certainly offer more

    than Mr. Wang!