UCLA 60, Georgia 56: postgame audio

Here’s the game story from last night.

UCLA 60, Georgia 56: Postgame press conference by thejackwang

At around 1:20, Howland talks about Shabazz being more comfortable with the team. Shabazz talks about the same thing at 2:00. Howland talks about having to switch to zone defense at 3:50.

“We couldn’t stop them in our man. Just changed it up and went to zone. early on, we had one or two stops and they hit a couple threes and we stayed with it. i thought we got better at it. I thought Norman Powell, in particular, did a great job along with Larry up high, bouncing around guarding three guys. … We haven’t worked on it much. We’re going to work on it more. This is a team that will probably be a good zone team in certain situations. I want to primarily be a man-to-man team, but we’ve got to be able to go to it once in a while — especially when we’re getting scored on as easily as we were.”

At 6:55, Shabazz describes his own game — “guard/post guy who can give a matchup problem for the defense.” He and Kyle talk about their chemistry at 8:55.

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