Mora turns down SEC interviews

Not a big surprise, but for the few people worried that Jim Mora might bolt for greener pastures, he reportedly turned down a couple of SEC interviews. From FOX Sports:

Two Southeastern Conference schools — Auburn and Tennessee — solicited Mora for their head-coaching vacancies, has learned. Mora declined interviews with both, the source said, because he believes UCLA is committed to providing the resources needed to help him build a national champion.

After over two decades coaching in the NFL, Mora has said often that he’s found a comfort zone at both the college level and at UCLA. He feels like a father figure to the team — getting particularly heated after the fake Randall Goforth Twitter incident — and it would have been shocking if he left the Bruins so soon.

The first-year coach is also one of 10 FBS finalists for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year. You can vote once a day through Dec. 20. As of this writing, he is in second place with 566 votes, behind Penn State’s Bill O’Brien (1,928).

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  • Marc

    He’s a darn good coach, and I’d like to see him and his assistants all stick around for a couple of years together to see what they can accomplish with consecutive years building on the foundation they have set.

    Dan Guerrero aught to do whatever he has to in order to ensure that this is possible. Though, I’m not sure about mr. Guerrero; after all, Ben Howland is still employed.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Would be great to keep JM at least four years–to codify the new, leaner, meaner, more positive culture he has instituted.

  • Gary Greenacre

    “…because he believes UCLA is committed to providing the resources needed to help him build a national champion.”

    I remember he said early on that “we’re going to improve and I don’t mean 7-5”.

    This year was certainly better than I expected, a tremendous improvement, and the outlook for the next years is very positive.

    Thanks again, players and coaching staff, for all that hard work.

  • Thanks Coach Mora. You’re awesome!

  • Hardtail Bruin

    How bout he stays a lot longer than 2 to 4 years. Let’s hope he keep improving the team and stays for a loooooong time. This program needs stability.

  • Sal

    Quoting Mora: “I can see myself coaching here the rest of my career.”