Weekly Q&A – 12/6/12

It’s back. Meant to start this a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never? Drop whatever questions you may have in the comments by noon Friday (soft deadline), and I’ll post answers by Saturday.

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  • bruinm

    What are the chances of Barr and XSF leaving?

  • Marc

    Is Ben Howland feeling any real heat from the athletic department? What do you believe needs to be the minimum results for this year’s team in order for Howland to return as coach after this season?

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Is the press giving Howland a pass on his unusual overuse of the Wear twins? I have never heard the question put directly to in a post-game presser?

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    Can anyone explain why Joel Myers is no longer the L. A. Lakers announcer.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Is the Daily News still in touch with Miguel Melendez?

    • Whack dude. Turn the page.

      • MichaelRyerson

        Thought this was a Q&A, sorry Cliff didn’t realize it was a chatroom. So you’re pretty happy with the post every other day routine? This place has deteriorated to the point it just barely qualifies as a blog. What do you think, do they still have Miguel’s phone number?

        • Q&A about UCLA sports, right?

          • MichaelRyerson

            I must have missed the post naming you our hall monitor. Look, Cliff, it’s perfectly fine for the regulars around here (of which you may have noticed there are few left) to hold JackWang’s (and by extention the Daily News’) feet to the fire. They (he) sees fit to post retread articles (or outtakes from articles) from the paper with a link to take us over there. He waits all week of a big game to finally post something the day of the game and even then its a series of thumbnails with no new or breaking information in it and could have been (and probably was) written days in advance. Even resurrecting the Q&A proved too arduous for him until the request for it was repeated over and over again by the customers. Asking about Miguel is a way of registering a complaint that so far this guy ain’t close to Dohn or even early-Jon let alone Miguel.,I’m glad though that you’re happy.

          • BigBruin02

            I agree. This Blog has significantly deteriorated. My question is will Mr. Wang improve his effort to make the blog at least close to as good as it used to be before the overhaul? The mere fact that you acknowledge starting the Q&A weeks later services a prime example of the situation at issue. And as already mentioned, please try to provide new material on the bruins, or at least a new interpretation of existing facts. Visitng this blog has become akin to watching late night reruns. Thanks you sir!

          • Rob M

            Sorry Michael, I’ve lost hope that this blog will recover. There have been PLENTY of things to talk about (Football success, Basketball difficulties), yet there is NOWHERE NEAR the content or level of discussion that this blog once provided. I partly blame the transition to the new format, but the majority of the blame falls squarely on Jack. Not enough hustle. Not enough content. What he does write has been strangely passive-aggressive, essentially TJ Simers-lite. A few weeks back, the Daily News tried out a few new writers, but none of them stuck. (I was hoping they’d give Sam Strong a shot.) Instead, we are stuck with THIS. It is no coincidence that this blog is now a ghost town. After all the questions and complaints that went unanswered last month (back when people still cared about this blog), I won’t hold my breath that Jack will respond to any of this thread.

  • Cliff

    Pac 12 Championship question: Did both teams change their shoes/cleats during halftime? Neither team seemed to have the same slipping issues in the 2nd half. Assuming that was due to shoe changes; why didn’t the teams try to make some changes in the first half? Presumably, you could side-line fix a couple of players and gain advantage over the still slipping opponent.

    • ThaiMex

      is the last name Sakata or “CLAVEN”……
      In another related note….Sales of Prescription Sleeping aids have plummeted since jack has taken over inside ucla…

  • Why did Joshua Smith really leave? Academics? Too much pot? Could we have used Malcolm Jones next year or would he have received limited time on the field again.

  • I would love to see the football staff stay intact for several years. Who are most sought after? Which ones will we have to fight to keep?

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Assuming Thigpen is healthy by next fall, who are the presumpitve #2 and #3 running backs?

  • 92104bruinfan

    Suffice to say Mora was never tempted to leave despite overtures from Auburn and Tennessee? Any assistants rumored to be leaving?

    • gotroy22

      What will Dan Guerrero and Gutties like Charlie Bucket and ThaiMex do when Jim Mora, your best coach since Dick Vermeil, bolts for the Bolts after the Holiday Bowl and who are the likely candidates to replace Mora?

  • bruinfan627

    I hate to be that guy, but I don’t see Jack answering most of these questions. They’re for sports beat reporters, and that is not why Jack was hired. People expecting this blog to follow the same rhythm after Mig left are kidding themselves. The Daily News has made it really clear the weakest of heartbeats is all that is required on this blog, as the traffic has probably not generated revenue to make it worthwhile, so that is what they’re providing. You’ll get better analysis from the various UCLA forums around the net than from Jack, who was basically put in a terrible position here.

  • I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for over four years. I realized recently that I was coming to this blog much less within recent weeks. In fact, I even found myself frequenting bruinsnation (all of the writers with Greek mythology names are *insert your favorite synonym for whiny, pretentious douchebag*). I’m a reasonable person who is looking for a great source of UCLA sports related news, sooooo why should I keep coming to this blog? I don’t mean to be a troll; I really want you to be successful. I am just not sure you can answer my question and I’m not sure that you will be able to sustain this blog if that is really the case. Good luck.