Pac-12 officials to ref BCS Championship

Per the Press-Register, national officiating Rogers Redding said today that Pac-12 officials will call the national title game. Conferences aren’t allowed to officiate bowls that involve their teams, and the BCS bowl rotation gave the Pac-12 those duties this year. (Notre Dame might not be in the title game had it not been for Pac-12 officials, but oh well.)

Five of the eight most penalized teams in the country come from the Pac-12: UCLA, Washington, Cal, Oregon and USC. Alabama — sixth-best in the country at 3.85 flags per game — is averaging less than half the penalties of any of those five teams. We’ll see if that ticks up on Jan. 7.

Conference USA will officiate the Holiday Bowl, as well as the Vegas Bowl. Teams from that conference averaged 5.53 penalties per game this season. Pac-12 squads averaged 7.24.

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  • betomas

    This might be a good thing, as their officiating mistakes will be visible to the entire country. Maybe the Pac 12 can get better officiating if the entire nation sees just how bad they really are.

  • Marc

    PAC-12 refs are seriously the worst officials in the game of football. What I find disgusting is that it never gets discussed, ever. This needs to be a topic during the off season as the conference has to realize that the horrible officiating hurts the conference. It needs to be markedly better next season, but I doubt it will.

    • drakejr

      There was some noise about the terrible Pac12 refs, like 3 years ago. Then expansion happened and everybody got distracted. Pac12 refs are an embarrassment and should have been fired years ago.