• Marc

    Hearing anything regarding the football coordinators? Anyone being discussed about bolting for another program? Hope not, but when the team makes such a dramatic upswing, people will take notice and things like that are more likely to happen, IMO.

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Why did Howland cut Shabazz so much slack on the weight issue? We know he missed some practices, but after all he’s not like other freshman. He is here for one year essentially in the NBA farm system, and he’s helped UCLA almost entirely blow the crucial non-conference schedule, and certainly Howland’s job.

    • Bruin 91

      Bazz did all that? huh, really? It can’t be that Howland has only made the NCAA Tourney once in the last 3 years and keeps losing players every year to play elsewhere. I was a big supporter of Howland but I have lost faith in him. His set offenses are terrible and especially against the Zone and his defense has gotten worse every year.

      Sorry about the rant. My question is what are the odds on Howland returning next year? Is there a buyout? i know his contract runs to 2015.

  • What is Miguel doing these days?

  • Anony_mouse

    How is Lacy Westbrook doing in his recovery from brain surgery?

  • Great job Jack. Any update on our basketball or football recruiting. How much does our successful football season and win over SC help us? Thanks for your time.

  • Anony_mouse

    Because Cal and UCLA often recruit the same players, what is your take on the Sonny Dykes hire and the impact on UCLA recruiting?