Weekly Q&A — 12/20/12

Drop any questions you have in the comments by the end of Friday, and answers will be up Saturday evening. UCLA is heading down to San Diego tomorrow, and I’ll be there the next morning as practices begin.

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  • Who are the possible replacements for Howland? Are there a lot of recruits coming to San Diego for the game. Great job Jack.

  • samollie

    If Howland is dismissed, how concerned should we be about decommits and transfers? Are we looking at another rebuilding cycle if an elite coach isn’t brought in?

  • bearnut

    How important is a Holiday Bowl win to recruiting?

  • joseph d. sinagra

    How likeley is it that Howland would be fired midseason, especially since the the Bruins are on a mini-win streak? Is Dan Guerrero the source of the story, and what impact does his own contract negotiations play-he hasn’t been renewed yet on a contract that expires on 3/31/13? Is Guerrero on the chopping block as well?

  • The Big Woof!

    Why is everyone so focused on “rumors” about Howland, when we have a little football game coming up next week? I guess it’s of minuscule importance at all.

  • EncinitasBruin

    What is the benefit of firing a coach mid-season, short of impropriety or “gross mismanagement” of either his players or his coaching duties? Why not just wait until the end of the season, so as not to put the players and other staff through such tumult?

    Add: I realize that the Cal Poly SLO loss was virtually unforgiveable, but take away that horrible loss, and we are 8-2.

  • What is Miguel doing these days?

  • disqus_Ftg7IozuaO

    We realize that this page means nothing to the Daily News or to you, your actions have proven that. I see the comments have all but disappeared and I’ll bet the traffic has dried up too. You deserve it because you have done a very poor job here. So my question is, why not shut this page down completely?

    • My question is, why don’t you go away completely?

      • disqus_Ftg7IozuaO

        Dude: I do not have to conform to your standards of constructiveness. You ask your damned questions and I’ll ask mine. If your style is to heckle the others stay over on BN.

  • Gary Greenacre

    I just read that Coach Mora came to visit Eddie Vanderdoes. Is he coming back? He can come to my house.

    I’ll invite my good Trojan-alumni friends…”Our coach is better than your coach…”

  • Hardtail Bruin

    Jack, what are your plans for this blog? This isn’t an attack, but I’ve been a reader since Dohn, and it’s been on a steady downward spiral. That judgement is made primarily on the number and frequency of posts. Just not a lot of posts and I can tell from the number of comments not many readers anymore. So, any plans to try to bolster readership and interaction on this site?