Lache Seastrunk declares Heisman candidacy, Bruins shrug

In a bit of delicious candor, Baylor tailback Lache Seastrunk recently proclaimed himself the 2013 Heisman winner. From the Sporting News:

“I feel like there’s no back who can do what I do,” he told SN. “I know I’m the fastest back in the country. I know I’m the best back in the country. Nobody’s going to work harder.” …

“I’m going to win the Heisman. I’m going to win it in 2013. If I don’t, I’m going to get very close. I’m shooting for that goal. I will gladly say it.”

Seastrunk, a former five-star recruit and Oregon transfer, certainly could factor into the conversation next year. Through the Bears’ three-game winning streak to end the regular season, the sophomore averaged 166 yards. He has yet to receive more than 19 carries in a game. (He also has one of the best highlights of the season, scoring a 76-yard TD against Oklahoma State after cramping at midfield.) Still, loudly proclaiming a Heisman win is a bit uncouth, albeit amusing. If the Bruins are using the proclamation as bulletin board material, they aren’t really letting on. Here are some reactions from players.

Safety Andrew Abbott: “We heard about that this morning, It was pretty funny. … I feel good for him. I’m glad he has that confidence. His coach backed him up, so he’s fine. We don’t worry about it. It’s just pillow talk to us.”

Defensive end Datone Jones: “I’ve been playing against Heisman contenders my whole UCLA career. Guys that have been in the race. LaMichael James, Matt Barkley, Mark Sanchez, Andrew Luck, Jake Locker. How many more do you want me to name?”

Tight end Joseph Fauria: “I’m positive our defense will put that to rest. Anyone that says they’re going to win the Heisman publicly — no. You can’t do that. Doesn’t happen. Guys that are humble win the Heisman.”

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