• Cheap seats

    What round do you see Franklin getting chosen in? Do you think his reputation of fumbling in his earlier years will hurt his status?

    Although the value of a good RB has diminished in recent years, I can see a team landing him as a great late round value pick for a change of pace back or even a starter. He was rarely hurt and I blame more of his fumbles on the failed experiment with the pistol offense.

  • EncinitasBruin

    How badly will the Baylor loss hurt us between now and signing day?

  • How is our current recruiting class affected by the loss of Marques Tuiasosopo?

  • What’s the deal with Tony Parker?

  • Marc

    Do you expect a leap in the growth of Hundley between year one and two of his playing career at UCLA? He locks into one receiver, and rarely goes through progressions; he holds on too long resulting in costly sacks; he gets flustered by pressure (see Cal, Stanford 1, and Baylor).

    These areas of need, along with others, need to be addressed this off-season. Do you see that happening?

  • How come there are so few questions?

  • Josephdsinagra

    I find it hard to believe Howland willingly signs off on Westhead-like offense even though it is really the only choice with this team. He is too stubborn and inflexible. Was there a mutiny, is he so desperate, or did he start reading the blogs for ideas?