Weekly Q&A — 1/5/13

As usual, drop your questions in the comments below. I’ll keep posting these Saturdays after basketball games with answers by Monday morning, but also get to any questions that happen to be posted before that too.

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  • With Ben Howland’s job a question mark, how does this impact the status of the commits and recruiting going into next year?

  • Our basketball team is playing well. Elite 8 would save Howland’s job? Why haven’t we heard any details about his job security after that one initial rumor. Is it because we are winning? Regarding Pauley, there is an article I read and famed architect Frank Gehry looked at our plans and said that if you got 10 sports architects to look at the plans they would all conclude that the plans were flawed. Did they fix these alleged flaws? What is the consensus in the architectural industry regarding Pauley.

  • Anony_mouse

    Donnie Mac commented that Josh Smith’s leaving the team was “addition
    by subtraction”.

    Do the remaining players feel that the team is better now by Smith leaving?

  • Josephdsinagra

    Is Howland purposely running this offense, or was there a mutiny? Stanford game seems like a turn in the opposite direction as he forces them to slow own and play defense. I don’t think this team can do both.

  • samollie

    Are DirecTV customers going to have to accept the fact that this year is a no-go with the PAC-12 network? We can all read the statements on both party’s sites, but is there anything below the surface we should know?

  • How do you see the PAC 12 hoops race shaking out and where does Ucla finish in the standings?

  • AtotheG

    Suppose Tony Parker transfers after this season, as some suspect he will. UCLA doesn’t seem to be recruiting any bigs for next year. How will we compete? To me, it seems the best case scenario would then involve Anderson staying for his sophomore season, and defending opposing power forwards. Finally, does Parker actually not realize that he’s virtually guaranteed a starting spot by his junior year, if he hangs in for one more season coming off the bench?

  • Cheap seats

    I attended all but 2 games at the Rose Bowl this season and didn’t really pay much attention to Ellis McCarthy. How would you evaluate his season?

  • betomas

    Whoa. I’ve read responses wherein readers talk about Jack W. being a good writer. Are you serious?
    Jack’s post above is simply the latest example that proves otherwise. What happened to this blog? It was once fun to come and participate in this forum.