• http://www.facebook.com/sakatalaw Cliff Sakata

    Might have joined the chat with advance notice.

  • The Big Woof!

    This is “inside UCLA” I for one don’t see a need to chat here about the BCS game.

    • maze949

      Don’t see a need to chat? Then don’t chat. It wasn’t even held on the UCLA section of the blog, anyway. You actually just typed more complaining about the live chat than Jack did merely mentioning it.

      • The Big Woof!

        Don’t understand “UCLA section of the blog” comment. I get one section and it’s called “inside UCLA”. It was the newest post when I got to the site. I was just trying to emphasize the fact (which has been made by many others), that especially since Jack has so few posts compared to others in the past, they should pertain only to Bruin info. There are other sports, too (we have a pretty damn good women’s hoops team, I’ve never seen anything posted about it here.) And I type pretty fast when I don’t make errors, felt it was worth my time to make my point, just as you felt it was worth yours to reply 🙂