Bruins unranked in final AP poll

I doubt anyone expected the Bruins to be stay ranked after the Holiday Bowl beatdown, but now it’s official. UCLA received 31 votes, which placed the team at No. 31. Baylor, which won 49-26 in San Diego, finished just outside the polls with 95 votes. The Bruins were last ranked in a final AP poll after a 10-win season in 2005, one that ended in 50-38 Sun Bowl victory over Northwestern.

If it’s any consolation, USC finished with no votes for the second time in three years. Quite a fall for a preseason No. 1.

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  • Sam

    Why no mention of COACHES poll where we’re #27 – ahead – of Baylor

    • The Big Woof!

      Coaches poll is a farce. Your post proves it.

      • Sam

        And you know more than the guys paid millions to coach the game

        • The Big Woof!

          No, but I’m just ‘slightly’ less prejudiced than the coaches who get paid millions and therefore vote for their buddies, their conferences, etc, and lower the teams of schools where it is in their best interest to do so. This totally skews the whole process.

  • The Big Woof!

    Unless you’re #1, rankings are not that important. Bet coach Mora agrees with that.
    (Actually top 10 might help for recruiting.)

  • TK Bruin

    Obviously ND did not belong in the Championship game. A four-way playoff would have averted this tragedy.