• Seems imperative that Howland recruits a front court player or two this year, especially if T. Parker leaves at the end of the year. The Wears will be seniors and no having an experienced front court player for 2015 would be crazy. Any bigs on the recruiting horizon?

  • Do you think our football team is better next year despite tougher schedule? It seems like the UCLA chancellor really likes Guerrero, what would it take for Guerrero to get canned?

    • Josephdsinagra

      His contract expires on March 31, 2013. I don’t know if this is a UC thing, but it does seem odd, and hopeful, that it hasn’t been renewed yet.

  • Anony_mouse

    Are the injuries David Wear had earlier in the year still affecting his

  • Anony_mouse

    Football 101.

    What are the differences in responsibilities between guard
    and tackle?

    What are the differences in physical attributes between a good
    guard and a good tackle?

  • Cheap seats

    Who do you see as the backup QB next year? Is Milweard and J Nuehisel still on the team?

  • sam

    Is Arizona losing to Oregon good or bad for the Pac-12? It might show that other teams (especially Oregon) are better than most people thought, or do you think it just shows that Arizona is not as good as their ranking indicated and the Pac-12 is again in a down year?

  • Anony_mouse

    Since you are the “new kid on the block”, are the other beat reporters giving
    any help?

    • Many have been open to questions.

  • Josephdsinagra

    What’s your take on the Parker situation? I know Howland is saying all the right things, but he still isn’t playing him (yes 12 minutes Col). He has a history of putting players in his dog house, and really, what incentive does Howland have? He probably won’t be coach next year.

  • Phil

    Can you do a story on the bball walk-on? Any interesting characters there?