UCLA to wear all-blue jerseys vs. USC

UCLA will be wearing alternate jerseys when USC visits on Jan. 30.

From the school: “Designed and developed by adidas, the new all-blue uniforms feature solid color blocking of team logos, word marks and numbers with minimal accent color and shimmer finish for a bold on-court look. The uniform design is similar in spirit to those worn by select NBA teams on Christmas Day.”

The NBA Christmas jerseys drew mixed reactions, with many complaints about legibility. Five are featured in the video below, though it leaves out Houston’s awful gray uniforms.

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  • This is going to be an utter disaster. Way to go Crapdidas!

    • maze949

      I thought the “LA Nights” unis and gloves on the FB side came out great–looking forward to seeing these tomorrow.

      • maze949

        *whoops, not tomorrow…got my wires crossed with the Jamaal Wilkes Jersey retirement during tomorrow’s game.