• Is our team’s problem Larry Drew? Do you think Kyle Anderson is staying another year?

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Jack, with the team destined for third place in a weak league, certainly the Morgan Center, who leaked a story a month go about leaning towards replacing Howland, must be in overdrive now. Who do you hear are the top candidates? It seems like all the coaches mentioned in the media, Stevens, Smart, Few, Izzo and Donovan are untouchable due to long-term contracts, NBA interest or not wanting to leave their small pond.

  • Marc

    Jack –

    What do you make of Howland’s player rotation? What is going on with this guy?

    Norman Powell needs more minutes, yet Howland inexplicably pulls him in the first half against Oregon after a crowd pleasing dunk.

    He needs to get Patker out there for longer minutes. He even admitted that himself after the Oregon game, where they were worked on the boards. Yet, he seems to love the two Wear lineup, which does not rebound and offers little interior play on either side of the ball.

    These, and other issues continue to plague this team, yet the stubborn coach stays the course. I feel that Arizona will blow them out if he continues to use players as I described above.

  • Phil

    Do you think Muhammad is rushing his shots too often? Why doesn’t he pass the ball more often? Was that a problem for UCLA in the Oregon game?

  • Phil

    What does David Wear do better than Tony Parker to deserve more minutes?

  • Phil

    Do you think Foreman and Johnson will receive immediate playing time in the backfield?

  • Cheap seats

    Any word on whether or not UCLA will allow parents and the public access to Pro Day in March? Was the policy change last year Mora’s call?

  • With 22 offers in football, does Mora need to pursuade some current players to transfer? Any word on who these might be? Any medical retirements?

  • Anony_mouse

    Could you explain how an early entry works? Is there a limit on the
    number, and if so, how is it computed?

  • Army Bruin

    When does Bruins Pull plug on Howland, things aren’t changing. He is stuck in his ways and team is not improving. Time for upgrade