UCLA compliance looking into Shabazz’s Gucci backpack

Ben Howland said Friday that UCLA’s compliance department is looking into Shabazz Muhammad’s Gucci backpack, one he was seen wearing after the team’s 84-73 win at No. 6 Arizona. Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde pointed out the backpack after the swingman scored a game-high 23 points. He didn’t make any explicit accusations, but did bring up Muhammad’s three-game suspension from the beginning of the season.

(UPDATE: The UCLA compliance office confirmed it was a family gift and closed the matter.)

From Yahoo! Sports:

After putting the Bruins on his back with a game-high 23 points, Muhammad put something else on his back before leaving the arena – a black Gucci backpack.

It was a nice look.

Nice enough that I checked Gucci.com Thursday night and found 18 backpacks, with the cheapest going for $990 retail. But, hey, I’m sure these things can be found on sale, right?

Howland did not want to offer an opinion on whether or not he felt the issue was overblown, but Muhammad’s sister Asia responded to Forde on Twitter.

She said over four tweets: “I read your condescending remark about @phenom15balla leaving with a Gucci backpack after beating Arizona. That was a birthday present from myself (his sister) and his mother. I have the original receipt if you need to verify that. @phenom15balla doesn’t need anything from anyone except his family. I understand you’re a very distinguished writer, congrats on that, but you’re barking up the wrong tree on this one.”

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  • Bazz should just wear a pacific sun or jansport backpack instead. I have one in my garage. You were already in trouble so just avoid it, no? Besides you can wear whatever backpack you want when you make your millions in the nba next year.


    Would he have made those same remarks if Muhammad was from an affluent Asian or Caucasian family? Why make the intimation that Muhammad couldn’t afford a gucci bag because of his ethnicity? Pat unfairly brought unwarranted negative scrutiny upon Shabazz, his teammates, and UCLA. The victory over UofA took a back seat to this B.S. drama. He undoubtedly indirectly accused Ben Howland and UCLA compliance Office of being complicit while Shabazz showed off his “extra benefit” gucci bag. Yahoo sports should suspend him for the inflammatory and unprofessional remarks.
    When U do sign that NBA Contract in 2 years, tweet him a picture inside of the Gucci store holding a $5,000.00 bag in Manhattan, NY. 1 more year, 1 more year. LoL!

    • Ted

      Whoa buddy! I don’t think Forde brought up race in the issue. Why bring Caucasians? or Asians? into this? As being both I’m tired of the notion that we are immune to racial scrutiny. When Johnny Manziel was sitting court side at a Mavs game he was accused too.Last time I checked he was a Caucasian! People who throw the race card at everything diminishes real racism.


        He din’t have to be explicit it was definitely implied. I guess U have to be Justin Combs, if U are a black athlete with the means to afford a Gucci bag.

        We don’t live in a nation where it has been taught to discriminate against Caucasian. We live in a country where computer software for retail and public surveillance systems are able to follow a person based on having darker skin tone. I’m well of aware of the discrimination of people based on appearance alone. Discrimination has been and still is corporate.

        How convenient of U to wanna make this a personal issue. Sounds as if U are looking for sympathy because U were stereotyped once or twice in your life. When was the last time some looked at U and assumed U couldn’t afford a high quality item based on how U look? If U don’t think that comment was not a personal attack you are truly living in a world that is not reality based. I guess U are only concerned about classism and or racism when it happens to U.

        I have a problem with anyone who has access to thousands or millions of people and use the access as a tool to unfairly call into question a persons ethics and values. Forde made it clear that the bag was expensive. He knew that Muhammed was investigated by the NCAA for extra benefits, he know what he was doing by making those comments. He was attacking Muhammed, Muhammed’s family reputation and UCLA. He should be reprimanded and forced to make a public verbal apology.

  • This is getting out of hand with the NCAA

  • Marc

    Pat Forde should be reprimanded for writing slanderous material that was wrought with agenda. What a loser.

  • drakejr

    Tempest, meet my good friend teapot. Forde is a hack for dropping that insinuation without having the common decency of asking a single question. I hope he gets raped by a dog and gets a rare form of ass rabies.

  • Wait a minute! Isnt his father a cab driver? They already have the facts on this kids family. Where do you suppose they got the money for such a backpack??? The kid should have been ineligible for the ENTIRE year. Only a complete FOOL doesnt know where the money came from!!!


      His sister purchased the bag for him. So “Cab Drivers” are not smart enough to budget and safe $1000.00? U are exposing the ignorance that lurks within U. Like is said, the only Black athlete at UCLA who would not be questioned about such a bag would be Justin Combs, right? Shut up, if U can’t add constructive commentary.

    • Hogsman

      His sister is a pro tennis player and his uncle is a former NFL star, so I’m sure they could afford it. It was a combined birthday/Christmas present from his family, too. I don’t like it when people unnecessarily pull the race card, but I really think Pat Forde made an insinuation based on Muhammad’s ethnicity – why else would he call into question his right to own a designer backpack when many other students at college drive luxury cars and spend thousands on fraternity/sorority activities?


        Thank U. I’m old enough and have experienced enough to grasp the unspoken message.

        • Hogsman

          Bru-Crew, I wasn’t responding to you – I was responding to Erick.

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            I was agreeing with your post.

  • Another disgusting element in Forde’s article is is his reference to the NCAA violation investigation and his blatant inferences that 1) UCLA was involved when in fact other unnamed schools were the guilty parties and 2) that Muhammad was guilty and only avoided a much more serious penalty on a technicality.

  • TrojanFan

    FYI. BRU-CREW_UCLA just won the TROLL OF THE YEAR award over on the USC blog. You guys should read some of his classless comments, he gives UCLA fans a bad name. Don’t let the guy fool you for what he truly is, a piece of shit….thanks!