Four-star QB to UCLA?

Four-star quarterback Asiantii Woulard visited UCLA this weekend. Among the things that impressed him: seeing P. Diddy at the W Hotel, talking to Maurice Jones-Drew and catching sight of the Playboy Mansion.

He won’t officially decide until Signing Day on Feb. 6, but that didn’t stop Trent Dilfer from linking him to Westwood.

The Bruins were a latecomer to his recruitment, but seem to have made up ground quickly. Woulard’s father said recently that the dual-threat quarterback — rated No. 4 in the country by Rivals and No. 1 by ESPN — has zeroed in on UCLA and Clemson as his top two choices. The latter was one of the earliest to chase the Winter Park, Fla., prospect.

Woulard, 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, only played quarterback his junior and senior years after spending the first half of his high school career at receiver, but has significant upside. He won MVP at the Elite 11 quarterback competition last summer when he was still considered a South Florida commit.

Both Clemson and UCLA offer similar football situations — he would be an understudy to either Tajh Boyd or Brett Hundley — so campus environment could make a big difference.

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  • With the exception of talking to MJD, I really hope those aren’t the true selling points. That kind of stuff back-fired in the end for USC, and I dont want to see it happen in Westwood. Let’s stick to getting a great education and playing for a talented offensive mind in Noel Mazzone.


      I’m a big Diddy fan. Having said that…….. your points are perfectly stated. I hope he does choose UCLA we can use some QB depth.

    • drakejr

      Those things did not backfire on USC. That’s just anti-trojan bs. Seriously, name one NCAA report blaming Snoop Dog or Will Farrell for violations. You can’t. That stuff is freaking gold for recruiting. Stop confusing your former jealousy for enjoyment at the fact that UCLA has some swagger to go with it’s incredible legacy.

      • TrojanFan


    • x

      Like no 17-18 year old kid made college choices on superficial criteria like hot girls, good weather or status as a party school.

  • denise carejo

    He looks good in Bruin’s gear and love the WAR DADDIES written on the wall in the Rose Bowl Locker Room, hadn’t seen that before. WE WANT MMORE, MORE, MORA, MORA!

  • TrojanFan

    FYI. BRU-CREW_UCLA just won the TROLL OF THE YEAR award over on the USC blog. You guys should read some of his classless comments, he gives UCLA fans a bad name. Don’t let the guy fool you for what he truly is, a piece of shit….thanks!

    • Usc “scrapes”

      Dear “scrapes”- I will agree that some of what goes on with the usc blog (and this one) lacks class. The rivalry is fun and so is a certain amount of good natured banter about these two great programs. However, you are among the worst to be commenting on “class” A survey of your comments suggests that you have predisposition toward penis jokes – reminiscent of Junior High School – which is why I remain convinced that you are in fact about 12 years old. Your salutation here is typically classy one.

      Go Bruins – hope we sign this young man and let’s beat the Trojans (note the lack of scatelogical references)

      • TrojanFan

        MY “predisposition toward penis jokes” is exclusively for the ruin trolls, material they can relate to – reminiscent of Junior High School. since you call me “scrapes” I remain convinced that you are in fact about 12 years old…..quit being a hypocrite!

        Put you eggs in the basket and cross your fingers

        • Usc “scrapes”

          Oh scrapes – I enjoy your witty repartee – along the lines of “no I am not but You are!” May I point out that the context our cerebral discussion was the fact that your posts lack class in that they frequently reference the male anatomy and are punctuated by ejaculatory innuendo and words like “shitty”. In case you have forgotten, your nickname speaks to your repeated (ad nauseum) posts about UCLA being lefts with Trojan recruiting “scrap(e)s”. Kind of a mild dig – don’t you think? I was even able to have a little fun without having to descend into the toilet.

          Any way – back to football. Hope you guys do well in recruiting – sort of. Go Bruins.


      I tried to forewarn you about your plagiarized and retreaded postings. You brought this attention upon yourself. LOL!!!!!! Oh “Scrapes / trogon pyle,” U R the best. I see U take this stuff personal. So, I apologize for embarrassing U. Embarrassing you to the point U felt compelled to tattle tale on me. LoL!!!!! Hopefully my fellow BRUIN FANS won’t shove me to the nearest cyber corner and force me to take a time out. LoL!!!

      Stay off the blogs with your pathetic, idiotic postings and no one will have to set U straight. U lil SNITCH. LOL!!! I can’t believe someone tattled on me… :o) GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

      • TrojanFan

        HA HA HA!!!!

        If you call it snitching then I guess you’re feeling guilty, that’s a YOU problem

        12am and you’re out trolling a USC blog, just Fing pathetic!

        PS…..Stay off the USC blog with your pathetic, idiotic postings and no one will have to set U straight…..

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          No, my name is not Orenthal, I’m not guilty. Unlike U, I don’t have a bed time. Calling U a snitch is just another way of getting under your moist skin without using the same ole tired sex referenced jokes. Now I know exposing U as the thin skin organism really “hurts your feelings.” Your will forever be known as SCRAPES…..I didn’t think your feelings would get scraped up too. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • TrojanFan

            Another great post… are tooooo much dude!

          • BRU-CREW_UCLA

            Snitching tattle tale

        • BRU-CREW_UCLA

          silky soft skin mr. SCRAPES……..the SNITCH….LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Arias

    Never again want to see the white helmets.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Enjoy last years success kid cuz that’s all ucla is good for. LA is Trojan town. No but seriously, good luck. Tell Jim mora to name one recent ucla to nfl starting qb.

  • TrojanFan

    Here is some of BRU CREWS posts from the USC blog(the guy calls himself a Bruin fan?):

    “I see recycled postings are the spice of life for clowns U and Scrapes. U closet spineless bigots can’t and won’t run BRUINS from this blog.”

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    The guy gives ALL bruin fans a bad name

    PS….he just won “TROLL OF THE YEAR” on the USC blog by a landslide
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  • EncinitasBruin

    Diddy. Bozo. Jumpy jumps…. I don’t care what they use to get the kid to commit. The bottom line is that both of our schools–UCLA and USC–are excellent universities in the greatest part of the U.S. What kid wouldn’t want to play at either school? The smart ones realize that only 17% of applicants are accepted into UCLA, and only 18% into USC. Get the education, play some great football, admire the beautiful women, and enjoy the incredible beaches. What more could an 18 year old want?