• Tony Parker played like Kwame Brown today. How good is he?

  • disqus_oy1FuGmtTv

    What basketball recruits is Ucla focused on next year? With Drew II leaving who will play the point? Not sure Anderson is an ideal point guard.

  • Anony_mouse

    Good work Jack. It is easy to see that you are getting
    better and better each week.

    Since coming to the Daily News, what are the biggest
    surprises for you about UCLA football and basketball?

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Dan Guerrero’s contract expires March 31, 2013. Isn’t it unusual for an AD’s contract to not be renewed 9 weeks before it expires?

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Does Howland play Parker more or less after Saturday?

  • Marc

    How do you see things shaking out for this BBall team this year, tournament wise. Do you see a 5-7 seed shipped out to some locale giving their second round opponent a “home game”? Or do you see a little higher seed, 3 or 4, with a slightly better location? Thanks

  • Why doesn’t Howland ever use a full court press (except in last minutes of a losing effort)?