UCLA commitment list

As of 5:45 p.m., UCLA’s 2013 class is ranked No. 4 and 9 on Scout and Rivals, respectively. USC sits at No. 17 and 13, marking the first time the Bruins are ahead in both rankings since 2002.

Here’s the full list of the commitments. You can find profiles of each player on our full Signing Day page. Five-star defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes announced his decision to go to Notre Dame.

R = Rivals.com | S = Scout.com | p = position | n = national | EE = early enrollee

WR Eldridge Massington — R: 4 stars, 35 (p), 249 (n) — S: 4 stars, 27 (p) — EE
P Sean Covington — R: 3 stars, 3 (p) — S: 2 stars, NA
OLB Deon Hollins — R: 4 stars, 18 (p), 206 (n) — S: 4 stars, 21 (p)
OG Caleb Benenoch — R: 4 stars, 23 (p) — S: 4 stars, 11 (p)
S Tahaan Goodman — R: 4 stars, 9 (p), 80 (n) — S: 4 stars, 7 (p)
CB Johnny Johnson — R: 4 stars, 13 (p), 169 (n) — S: 4 stars, 8 (p)
S Tyler Foreman — R: 4 stars, 24 (p) — S: 4 stars, 8 (p)
OT Kenny Lacy — R: 4 stars, 23 (p) — S: 4 stars, 18 (p)
WR Darren Andrews — R: 3 stars, NA — S: 3 stars, 111 (p)
OG John Lopez — R: 4 stars, 12 (p), 191 (n) — S: 3 stars, 29 (p)
OLB Jayon Brown — R: 3 stars, NA — S: 3 stars, 87 (p)
DT Kenneth Clark — R: 4 stars, 24 (p) — S: 4 stars, 20 (p)
DE Kylie Fitts — R: 4 stars, 9 (p), 121 (n) — S: 4 stars, 12 (p) — EE (spring quarter)
ATH/RB Jalen Ortiz — R: 3 stars, 27 (p, ATH) — S: 4 stars, 66 (p, RB)
OT Poasi Moala — R: 4 stars, 23 (p) — S: 4 stars, 11 (p)
TE Thomas Duarte — R: 4 stars, 29 (p, WR), 229 (n) — S: 4 stars, 8 (p, TE)
QB Asiantii Woulard — R: 4 stars, 5 (p, 2-threat QB), 141 (n) — S: 4 stars, 34 (p, QB)
C Scott Quessenberry — R: 3 stars, 5 (p) — S: 3 stars, 7 (p)
OT Christian Morris — R: 4 stars, 10 (p), 128 (n) — S: 4 stars, 20 (p)
ILB Isaac Savaiinaea — R: 3 stars, 44 (p) — S: 4 stars, 3 (p)
OG Alex Redmond — R: 4 stars, 17 (p) — S: 4 stars, 14 (p)
OLB Myles Jack — R: 4 stars, 16 (p), 199 (n) — S: 4 stars, 4 (p)
LB Cameron Judge — R: 3 stars, 41 (p) — S: 4 stars, 20 (p)

Four-star DB Priest Willis won’t sign his letter of intent today because his mother is out of town, but verbally reaffirmed his commitment to UCLA. Four-star RB Craig Lee is unable to sign right now due to academics (per Rivals/Scout). ATH/DB Mossi Johnson will grayshirt, so isn’t officially counted yet as part of this class.

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  • djmischief

    Thanks for the updates! Program is on the rise!!

  • disqus_nqb99FLLQh

    will the signing day at pauley be televised??

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Wang could you please let us know when to look for the next update? i.e……. 10am, 1:30pm, 3;00pm………

    • Here are announcements: Myles Jack 1 p.m., Cameron Judge 3 p.m., Eddie Vanderdoes 5 p.m. Can’t say exactly when letters officially come in (which is when this gets updated), but Vanderdoes is the only real unknown left.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        Thank U Sir

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Did Morris sign elsewhere?

    • No, his letter just hasn’t come in yet.

    • djmischief

      There he is…nice get.

  • et

    Can you please update us on Craig lee’s situation? Also any plan b rb’s if we can’t sign him?

    • UCLA denied him admission last week, but grandmother confident he’ll be cleared (via Rivals). No good backup options, and losing Terrell Newby hurts even more now. Cornelius Elder is a longshot that isn’t announcing for anyone today.

  • Notre Dame “mistakenly” had Vanderdoes on their list of commits before retracting. Still hoping he’ll come to us, but doesn’t look good.

  • By the way, what’s up with the 3 star recruits?

    • Not sure what you mean.

      • Nothing. Just saying we should be getting all 4 star or higher. Lol.

        • Centers and punters almost never get above three just as a recruiting site rule.

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    What time does Vanderdose announce ?

  • skinnypup

    any reason that M. Johnson (CB) or A. Redmond (OG) have not signed LOI as of yet? great recruiting class. GO BRUINS!!

  • Jack, I wouldn’t bother looking at Rivals. They don’t seem to update their lists in a timely fashion, and their calculations are kinda whacked.

  • disqus_mBAhq0FERW

    No mention of E. Vanderdoes as pending letters by you so have the coaches given up on him? Or are they going to try till 4:59pm? Any Juco RB targets???

    • Pending letters meaning for-sure commits whose letters haven’t been officially received/announced. EV still up in the air.

  • I believe Covington was upgraded to 3 stars on Scout, though I haven’t double checked…

  • EncinitasBruin

    I’d say Vanderdoes is 80% ND lean. I will be pleasantly surprised if he doffs the baby blue cap rather than the dark blue one…. Even if we don’t land EV, this is a GREAT class–the best we’ve had in more than a decade. SC can’t blame all the de-commits recently on the “schollie limitations” argument–some of their defections have to be based on the recruits’ lack of confidence in Kiffin’s coaching abilities. Any way you cut it, a WONDERFUL day for Bruin Nation!

  • lsjucla

    Thanks for the hard work and tracking down the information on Willis, Lee and Johnson