Drew hits buzzer-beater in Bruins’ 59-57 win

UCLA beat Washington 59-57 despite their third straight sub-40 percent shooting effort, as well as a 10-rebound deficit to the Huskies. Credit senior point guard Larry Drew, who made a key steal late and hit a buzzer-beater to break the Bruins’ two-game losing streak.

Here he is talking about the shot.

Asked when he knew he’d have to shoot the ball on the final possession: “Probably when I got the ball.”

And if he saw Shabazz waving for the pass? “Nah.”

From Muhammad: “When the ball went up, I knew it was going to be good. Everybody was on him and attacking him. I knew that Larry was either gonna have something broken or have some scratches.”

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  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Great shot, poorly executed game by our Bruins. A win is a win, GO BRUINS!

  • Disastrous result. Wins aren’t going to get us a new coach.

    • maze949

      Go back and cry, piss, and moan with Murshed “Nestor” Zaheed” and Ty-diddles, troll.

      • Looks like the other commenters tend to agree with me.

        • maze949

          Your suitors, Nestor and Ty-ty, suit you quite well.

  • maze949

    Sound quality was excellent, Jack. You seem really prepared to record, report, and discuss Bruin sports.

  • Marc

    Pauley is half empty, and has been for each game that’s been featured on ESPN networks. Man, when you see these other games, be it Illinois or Butler or Duke or Florida, those arenas are packed and buzzing.

    There’s no buzz at Pauley and that’s a shame. Don’t blame the fans; fans will pay the high dollar UCLA charges to attend games when the team creates excitement. Right now, they are not creating any excitement.

    • maze949

      You never graduated…stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Marc

        Your right. I’m still going to school.

        Who says I’m embarrassing myself? Did you ever think that your blind adoration is embarrassing?

        I simply stated the fact that Pauley, the Mecca of college basketball, is dull and half empty during games, whereas many other schools have amazing arena buzz.

        Jack Wang, Peter Yoon and others are starting to report that the product is substandard. Are they embarrassing themselves?

        Check out Peter Yoons article after last nights game where he reports on Shabbaz Muhamed. Perhaps, it would be best to let him leave after one year and really try to convince Anderson, Adams and Parker to stay another year.

        Things are not looking good; yet somehow some people keep their head in the sand. I find that embarrassing.

  • Hogsman

    So disappointed with the quality of play, in general. Shabazz forced a lot of bad shots, and Adams has gone into a deep funk. And they can’t box out consistently at all, nor prevent penetration into the lane. Thank goodness Drew has been so steady and under control. I used to feel that Coach Howland was unfairly criticized in the past, but this season, I’m afraid he deserves a lot of it. A top coach would’ve somehow managed to keep either Lamb or Smith or both at least until the season was over, plus work Parker into the lineup in order to develop him for use off the bench in the postseason (if there is one). There has been zero improvement since the Arizona game – if they make it to The Dance, I don’t see them getting past the second round.

  • benzo

    Shabazz didn’t even look happy after the shot. Dude only cares about himself.

    • Lifelong Bruin Fan

      I noticed that too. I question a teammate who is more concerned about not having taken the last shot than having won the game.

    • Marc

      Just rewatched the game. Shabazz looked pissed that he didn’t get the chance to hit the game winner. This may turn into a cancerous issue if coach doesn’t address it and handle it properly.

      Shabazz needs to learn to pass out of double and triple teams. Between him and the two Wears, the game constantly turns into one on two mini games.

      Not good team basketball.

    • Muhammad thinks he’s Kobe.

      One-on-five doesn’t win anything. Recent Laker success has proven that.

  • 92104bruinfan

    To echo Marc (and Peter Yoon) below, the more I see Shabazz jack up shot after shot with scant attention paid to the glass or occasional dimes to teammates, the more I think the Bruins will be better off if he is one and done. Drew II is the one player that is holding this ship together right now.

    Hopefully the others will stay around for another season. Anderson can be a great multi-dimensional centerpiece on the squad next season if he stays through whom the entire offense can flow.

    I’ve always thought Howland got too much flack, but it seems he’s lost the program despite the solid (not great) record and season thus far. Yet if the Bruins, end up winning a share of the conference title, have a good showing in the conference tourney, and make it to the Sweet 16, it might be tough to fire CBH. If we can find Jim Mora’s basketball coaching clone, we’d be in great shape.

    Go Bruins!