Should Shabazz have celebrated more?

Larry Drew II made a buzzer-beater to beat Washington last night, his second game-winner of the season. Most of his teammates mobbed him. Shabazz Muhammad, who openly clamored for the ball, did not.

“Yeah, I wanted the ball,” Muhammad explained last night. “But Larry is such an aggressive player. When the ball went up, I knew it was going to be good. Everyone was on him and attacking him. I was like, I know Larry is going to have something broken or he’s going to have some scratches. I was going to wait until he got up to congratulate him.”

Head coach Ben Howland agreed today with Muhammad’s concern about potential injuries, and said the star was very happy for Drew: “I think it was overblown. I really do. I think it’s, y’know, another thing that gets blown out of proportion.”

Maybe, but how often do you see players not celebrate a buzzer-beater?

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  • Wear didn’t exactly go crazy either.

  • Marc

    There should not have been a dogpile in the first place. Save that for tournament time. They should have beat Washington by a larger margin than they did, but for many reasons they did not.

  • Hank

    Look at the replay. Parker actually looks pissed. He just stands there before AND after the shot. NO EMOTION at all. That dude is DONE with UCLA.

  • joseph d. sinagra

    Jack, the act of celebrating isn’t the most important issue here. Shabazz chased down Drew like a child, and thus found himself out of position. Howland choreographs everything, so while he was clearly waving and talking to Drew from the sideline, what play was he calling. Howland, lied about it later in the press conference.