• GoBruinsAmen

    With baseball season around the corner, do you plan on covering any of the games? Or will you ignore it until CWS time?

  • Buddy

    Does UCLA have anybody looking recruits in Mexico?
    The country has over 100 million people so I am sure there has to be a couple of promising beefy linemen or power forwards among the bunch. (As a point of reference only about 5 million people live in Toronto and look how many colleges have struck gold there.)
    The exposure would do wonders for UCLA’s profile in Latin America too.

    • Mark

      No one cares about Mexico.

  • YouSuck

    when are you going to give up this blog and let miguel do some real work.

    • maze949

      Miguel was here for about a month and a half, six months ago. MOVE.THE.F.ON! Do you still whine about the NSYNC breakup too, little girl? Saturday nights in February get a little lonely for you…aww, pobrecito.

      • I agree with you maze. It’s like these guys go back to the same restaurant that they hate over and over again and complain about the food every time they go.

  • Anony_mouse

    With the four California schools being the top four in
    number of NCAA team championships in the Pac-12, each offering a great
    education and each in a great location; it would seem that the recruiting playing
    field is pretty even. How would you rank the effectiveness of the current Athletic
    Director of each school?

  • Marc

    Way too early football season predictions?

    Spring practice schedule available yet?

  • bruin85

    Just read on ESPN that Willis signed his LOI… Bruin fanatics were hungry for this news, why did they scoop you by more than 24 hours? We want YOU to be first with this kind of inane minutia. This is actually NOT a dig, but an honest question.

    • Actually Jack posted both on this blog and in his chat that Willis was a done deal. Willis’ mom was out of town and couldn’t sign the papers until her return. Overall, Jack’s coverage of both National Signing Day and UCLA basketball has been superlative. You’ll notice that Bruin Nation frequently quotes him on its site and complimented his reporting. As for my question, how is 2014 football recruiting looking?

  • RainMan

    I’m intrigued by Malcolm Jones’ alleged willingness to return as a walk-on. What’s your take on this development? Is a position change in the cards, along the lines of Anthony Barr last year?

  • Mark


  • Marc

    With no clearly dominant team in NCAA basketball this year, the Bruins could possibly make a deep run into the tourney. Lets say they win it all (I know, I know), but lets just say they do. What becomes of the fan base that is so discordant?

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    When will Dan Guerrero explain to all BRUINS why Don Mclean’s #42 Basketball Jersey has not been retired to date? Can U get an official statement from the inept Athletic Director or do U think he will give U the cold shoulder regarding D-Mac’s jersey?

    • I agree. IT’S HORRIBLE. Don is one of the best players EVER and a real NICE guy.

  • disqus_mBAhq0FERW

    Are we pushing hard to land Cornelius Elder? DO you think we’ll land him over Ohio St? When is he supposed to sign?

  • In the likely event that howland is gone at the end of the season, we’ll be needing a new coach. Any thoughts as to who Ucla will look to?

  • Oz

    Shouldn’t Xavier Su’a Filo be considered the starting Left Tackle next year? He started at LT his freshman season and was great. And with one year under his belt after his Mormon mission, I think he would be ready to anchor the O-Line.

  • joseph d. sinagra

    The rest of the PAC12 is giving away the basketball title: here UCLA, we don’t deserve it. Dominic Artis is still out, and Arizona is imploding and has a road trip to Colorado Thursday. What is your prediction for the first 4 places, and what is UCLA’s record for the final 7 games.

  • Cheap seats

    My son graduated with Aaron Porter and we didn’t see him in any game action last year. Do you know where he lies on the depth chart? 3rd string? Practice squad?

    He was a stud at La Habra and believe he was a 4 star recruit. I’m hoping he makes the field this year.