• Why wasn’t Howland fired after the SI story, was it because of our heralded recruiting class? What does it take for an athletic director to get fired (besides cheating)? Specifically what would it take for Guerrero to be fired. I’ve written the Chancellor over my displeasure with Guerrero. Does it even make a difference? What else can we do?

    • Mark

      Howland wasn’t fired after the SI story for 2 reasons: There was no “there” there, and Danny G wanted to hang on to the recruiting class and at least have a halfway decent team for the new Pauley.

      Well, it didn’t work. All fans hate the new Pauley because it didn’t solve any of the problems. Furthermore, true fans hate watching this team. That’s why Pauley is still half empty. So that is a strike against Howland.

      Now we need a full-scale implosion. That was the model used in football. The Arizona fight debacle and the 50-0 USC game did the trick. We’re so close with basketball!

      Unfortunately, Guerrero has just about the safest job in LA. Again, it would take a total implosion and a big scandal. To Danny G’s credit, that’s not on te horizon.

      Gene Block is an egghead and an administrator. He’s been a good chancellor. All he cares about with athletics is that the money flows in and there is no scandal or major embarrassment.

    • If it was cheating, it’d have happened long ago.

  • Mark

    Who gets run out of L.A. first–Howard or Howland?

  • Ricky, Ricky, Ricky

    The Bay Area has produced a treasure trove of quality basketball recruits and yet UCLA has yet to sign any of them. Instead they have focused (in both the incoming freshman and transfers department) their attention on the East Coast. Long term wouldn’t it be easier to maintain a recruiting base up North rather than one that is three time zones away?

    • Mark

      I’ll save Jack the trouble and answer: Won’t matter once Howland is gone in a few weeks. And the next coach will have enough sense to stock the roster with Californians.

      • Me So Ramen

        “I didn’t know this became answers by Mark. LOL”

        Yet you flip flop and will answer if the question is not difficult: “I’ll save Jack the trouble and answer:”

        Can’t have it both ways. Answer the man’s question.

  • Marc

    I didn’t know this became answers by Mark. LOL

    Jack – what is your favorite food joint in L.A.?

    I know some people frowned on some of the food related reporting by Jon Gold. I liked it; there is more to life, even on a sports blog, than sports.


    • Mark

      I know more about Ucla than Jack. But I’ll cede the floor so he can answer about his preferred food.

  • Anony_mouse

    Prior to Fall 2012, I expected that Johnathan Franklin and Datone Jones would have good seasons, based on 2011. They both had great seasons. What accounted for their massive improvements?

    • Mark

      Jones couldnt have been any worse than 2011. No where to go but up! Franklin helped himself by not fumbling any more, and benefitted by a much improved offensive scheme and QB play.

    • Cheap seats

      Mazzone’s offense and Derrick Coleman graduating.

      Thigpen was more of Franklin’s backup while Coleman and Franklin were more of a 1-2 punch with Coleman actually getting more carries against certain opponents.

  • Team Doc

    Do you think the current FB coaches like to recruit players who have wrestled? Do you think they bring a more mentally and physically tough attitude that they’re looking for, as well as other qualities? Yesterday, recent signee Kenneth Clark just beat fellow signee Alex Redmond for a CIF championship, and both have a great chance to advance to the State Championships. Last year, we signed another very successful wrestler, Carl Hulick. I do think wrestlers bring a tougher, more aggressive attitude, as well as great agility. One drawback is the max weight in wrestling is 285 lbs. Do you know of any past wrestlers who played Bruin FB? I can only recall Jim McCullough, an O-Lineman for the Bruins in the ’80s, who was the Cailfornia State Heavyweight Wrestling Champion!!
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Anony_mouse

    With a knee surgery before the season and a surgery on the other knee after the season, obviously, Ellis McCarthy was not 100%. Is it unrealistic to expect Brian Price like impact out of McCarthy in 2013?

  • Cheap seats

    How do Oregon fans treat their opponents? In the stadium and the tailgate areas?

    A couple of friends are thinking of making the trip to Azten stadium this fall and we were wondering if it could get out of hand as they seem to have the most hard core fans in the Pac-12. I guess sitting in the visiting section is a must?

  • FreeShabazz

    Jack – you, Mark, and Cliff are among the skilled at calling for Howland’s job but interestingly never talk about alternative candidates for the job. I’d like to challenge each of you to post a list of 10 coaches who would actually take the job and out coach him.

  • Do you think the Bruins are always bound to deficient on the boards? What do you think they can do to correct this issue?