Weekly Q&A — 2/23/13

Questions, questions. There’s obviously a game tomorrow, but I’ll open up this space now and be back on Monday with answers. Thanks.

EDIT: Changed the timestamp to bump this up.

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  • Mark

    Why is everyone picking on me?

  • Clint Mac

    How much of this “can’t get the recruit in” is a PR stunt to tow the “Harvard of the West” fantasy? Yes, UCLA is a good school but its educational profile (namley its academic ranking) is not much different now than during the 90’s. If anything you would think the mess up in Sacramento would push the school to develop other sources of revenue ergo admit a wider range of recruits.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    What’s the latest on Don Maclean’s jersey retirement? Have you spoken to anyone within the AD Dept., or the AD himself regarding this oversight and the growing out cry from BRUIN BB fans?

    • Michael Daly

      Agreed. Don absolutely deserves it.

    • New York Noah

      Good God please no. UCLA never won anything with him and the only thing he ever gave to the student body was an arrogant standoffish stench. He set the standard for which Ryan Leaf built off of.

      • Michael Daly

        elite 8 counts for something. Pac 10 scoring record?!!! Awesome. This guy deserves to have his number retired, and I think this is pretty obvious.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        I didn’t know Wang also went by “New York Not have a CLUE noah” It’s rather embarrassing that the conference ALL TIME LEADING S.C.O.R.E.R…. has been left out UCLA’s Jersey Retirement PALOOZA. Really, how many Championship Banners did Reggie Miller help hang?

        I don’t wanna call out other great BRUINS in an effort to enlighten the misinformed, ignorant or someone who’s desperately in need of attention. I’m sure you don’t fit into the aforementioned categories because he seem to have an issue with the way he may have treated his peers. U obviously were a student during D-Mac’s time at UCLA. Did he refused to give U a fist bump? No high 5, no group 8 clap chant? He wouldn’t autograph your worn out sweaty wrist band or the polariod picture U snap of him on BRUIN walk? So now we get it. It’s not about D-Mac the prolific BB player, it’s about how he reject U on a personal level. U need coach time next to Manti Te’o on Dr.Phil’s show.

    • I am not trying to piss anyone off and I think Don Mclean was a great player. He played at UCLA right before I got there and I was a big fan of his. But I never considered him a dominant player. I considered him more like a Cedric Ceballos type. Lots of points but little impact. The thing he has for him the most is his longevity. He didn’t really play good defense and he didn’t block shots. I am not sure what the actual standard is to have your jersey retired. I think Arron Afflalo or Darren Collison arguably had a bigger impact. I actually like him better as a basketball analyst than a basketball player.

  • Was tony Parker hurt in the second half? Some are saying that is why he didn’t play more after a coming out party in the first half. Parker is just the Bruins need but CBH just refuses to play him…

  • are there any walk on players that can reasonably contribute in the event anyone else gets hurt?

  • Logan

    With a quarterback playing wide receiver, do you think we’ll see the kind of plays where Hundley throws a quick out to Fuller, who then passes? Or maybe a reverse with pass? I remember one fleaflicker this past year, but not many real trick plays other than that.


    fwiw, donnie has owned up to his mistakes in interviews w/ petros and money. he admitted to being a jerk/ said he’s grown up since then