Adidas unveils camo sleeves, shorts

Well, that’s … bold. Adidas introduced daring new alternate looks for six basketball programs Tuesday, continuing what’s become a norm in college athletics. UCLA will be among those donning camouflage-patterned shorts, joining Baylor, Cincinnati, No. 21 Notre Dame, No. 10 Louisville, No. 6 Kansas.

UCLA, Baylor and Louisville’s new alternates also feature camo sleeves. The Bruins last attempt at an uniform change didn’t go very well, using an all-blue look during a home overtime loss to USC. They’ll wear this latest edition at least once during the Pac-12 tournament.

UPDATE: A UCLA spokesperson said players were presented with uniform concepts in advance and loved them.

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  • these are hideous

  • Mark

    if we wear those i will throw eggs at the players

  • Reformed Droog

    I blame Oregon for this…

  • 1991 called, they want their shorts back….

    • maze949

      That’s funny…I just read a list of the 10 worst College Uni’s of all-time, and Kentucky’s “claw-mark” shorts from the early 90’s were No. 1. These reminded me of those…

  • Michael Daly


  • bob

    Its Hammer Time!

  • Rancid. I bet a USC alum is in charge of wardrobing UCLA.

  • bruinbiochem06

    I had nothing against Adidas, until now…

  • If UCLA stuck with the home and away game thinking..Blue-away and white-at home would be classic. We cannot give up our colors UNDERSTAND!

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Why not also give them surfboards and sunglasses and be done with it. This is beyond hideous.

  • Ugly

  • Hogsman

    Ridiculous – they look like they were drawn by a 6-year-old.

  • Hardtail Bruin


  • Bill

    If you are going to wear alternate uniforms, you had better win!

  • Me So Ramen

    I think it looks cool. my guess is it will look even better in game.

  • Hate these uniforms, but before long these will be the norm and something else will take ther place. Something more provocative or shocking, i am sure.