• Al Bert

    Let’s just say the Federal Government wants to move/sell of the VA. Do you think a stadium could be built there? (i.e. is the land big enough, how far from the near subway stop) Also if they just decided to rid themselves of just the portion south of Wilshire (read the area with less pesky neighbors) do you think it is big enough to erect a stadium minus parking? Finally does UCLA the university have enough political clout to have some say in the matter or would LA politics (read corporate interests/carpet baggers) render them a very silent partner?

    • Mark

      0% chance of this happening.

    • betomas

      No offense but I’m not confident your Jack Wang, fairly new to L.A., has the answers to these questions, but perhaps he can dig around and ask people who do.

    • As betomas said, don’t have the answer to this one. Sorry.

  • How do the celebrities i.e. Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan
    get last minute seats in the front row? Do they bump other people from their seats or are those left open for celebrities far ahead of time? Are these free?

  • Alex

    Great work on this site, Jack.

    It’s a foregone conclusion that Shabazz is leaving for the NBA after the current season. What’s your personal opinion about the 3 other freshman, will they be Bruins to start the 13-14 season?

  • Bobby Smith

    Howlands press conference felt different. He seemed loose and resigned to the fact that it was HIS last game in pauley. Did you get that feeling too? I keep hearing the athletic dept already has three top candidates. If you can’t confirm this, would you say if you would want a young coach that can build for a long time or a proven commodity that has been a long time coach?

    • Mark

      Where did you hear the athletic department has 3 top candidates? After yesterday’s win we’re stuck with Howland.

  • What is the latest news on RB Craig Lee commitment status? Also we heard of the great recruiting class UCLA had this year but did not hear of any High Seniors that fliped their commitment. Were there any?

  • Anony_mouse

    Larry Scott has been very active since becoming Commissioner, expanding the conference from ten to twelve, and creating the Pac-12 Network. Any idea that the next big thing from Scott will be?

  • Marc

    Quite a few empty seats seen in prime seat locations during the telecast of the U.C.L.A. vs U of A basketball game.

    Disgruntled season ticket holders expressing dissatisfaction?

  • What’s the latest with Tony Parker? If Kyle Anderson does indeed bolt for the NBA, I would think Parker would see vastly increased minutes next season. But do you think he sees it that way, or is he bound to transfer?