Guerrero highest-paid public school AD in Pac-12

School Name School Pay Other Pay Total Pay Max Bonus
UCLA Dan Guerrero $715,211 $0 $715,211 $75,000
Cal Sandy Barbour $576,931 $25,000 $601,931 $271,004
Arizona Greg Byrne $600,000 $0 $600,000 $338,462
Oregon State Bob De Carolis $562,376 $0 $562,376 $50,000
Washington Scott Woodward $553,000 $0 $553,000 $0
Oregon Rob Mullens $500,000 $0 $500,000 $150,000
WSU Bill Moos $455,000 $2,000 $457,000 $107,501
Utah Chris Hill $450,000 $0 $450,000 $0
ASU Steve Patterson $365,000 $0 $365,000 $182,500
Colorado Mike Bohn $306,640 $3,500 $310,140 $154,000

No salaries available for Stanford’s Bernard Muir or USC’s Pat Haden since private schools aren’t bound by the same disclosure laws. All figures from USA Today.

The numbers skew after bonuses, as both Cal’s Sandy Barbour and Arizona’s Greg Byrne can max out above Guerrero at $872,935 and $938,462, respectively. Guerrero ranks 18th in the FBS in total pay.

  • Marc

    Is his contract up? What does the future look like at this moment for the position of athletic director at UCLA?

    Football appears to finally be trending up after more than a decade of mediocrity, and men’s basketball, the other of the two primary sports (just look at tv coverage), appears to be stuck in a level below expectations.

    That doesn’t seem to look good on paper considering his high salary.


  • delpha100

    Jack, you need to leave, and leave now. Your headline is pathetic, given the “fine print” points out that the list of Pac 12 schools was incomplete and the two schools without statistics are the ones that probably pay their AD’s more money than what DG makes.

    Kind of like your premature comment about how if we don’t SC, we won’t win the Pac 12. Really, kind of looks silly now, doesn’t it. We could still win it outright and very possibly be co-champs with a win over UW.

    • Jack Wang

      Amended the headline. I shouldn’t have said “at stake” with the SC game, but I meant it more as “losing to SC will not be good for UCLA’s chances.”

      • Joe Blow

        Garrett was at $900k, so based on Haden’s performance, it’s less than that.

    • Marc

      Wow!!!!!!! And, who do you think you are? Are you perfect? Really, your comment was way out of line. It was rude and without warrant. Get over yourself and get over this “we could still win with…”


  • Mark

    Don’t forget that Ucla athletics on the whole is a major cash cow. Way more than the other PAC 10 teams, with USC as the only possible exception.