• Ralphie

    ESPN awhile back how did a segment on sports agents. Within it showed how one of them used to hang out outside the UCLA’s practices to get face time with some of the athletes. Do you know if UCLA has done anything to put a stop to this?

  • disqus_emnvXUndAW

    In your opinion. What does winning the pac12 mean for howlands job? On one hand, we kind of slid into it. On the other hand, can you fire a coach who won their league outright?

  • Marc

    Can you find out why Tony Parker hasn’t gotten any playing time, even since Ben Howland lamented that he should be playing him more after the USC loss? I mean, the real reason. I’d like Ben Howland to have to answer that at his weekly press conference. This guy has to know that the question is very difficult to understand. Thanks

  • Do you like conference BB tournaments? Eliminate the tourney and the Pac-12 could have home/away games with every league team. I suggest that the conference would not have a huge revenue loss cause some of the final games will have huge TV and stadium sales impact on the conference champ being the automatic bid to the Big Dance.

  • Sakes Alive

    What is the status of 2013 BB recruits UCLA still has interest in but have not committed?

  • Marc

    Jack –

    Got a tough one for you: Just finished watching the women’s PAC-12 championship game on ESPN2. Looked to me like the officials were definitely leaning towards Stanford favoritism tonight. Do you think that comes from the fact that Stanford is a top 5 team and gets benefit of doubt (like Kobe or Lebron)?

    I felt that the officiating for the most part was pretty bad. Thanks.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Has there been any mention of LD2 as an NBA prospect? Not that he’s first round material by any stretch, but he looks the part of a solid young PG coming off the bench on the right NBA team. Also, who else is slated to play the point next year besides Kyle Anderson? I don’t see how KA is going to be able to stay in front of the more fleet footed point guards. Thanks for your work as always JW.

  • Corry

    What are the chances that Howland gets canned this year if he gets past the 2nd round of the PAC12 Tourney and the 1st round of the NCAA Tourney? If he stays, do you expect any transfers from the program or any further commits to the program?