Carson: ‘I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder’

The Pac-12 tournament opened with Arizona State’s 89-88 overtime win over Stanford, one that sets up the Sun Devils as perhaps the toughest second-round matchup UCLA could have had.

The Bruins tip off against ASU at 12 p.m. Thursday after splitting the season series, and will have to contend with Co-Freshman of the Year Jahii Carson. The 5-foot-10 point guard dropped a career-high 34 points on the Cardinal, just one shy of the program record for freshmen. Senior forward Carrick Felix, an all-conference defender, is also a concern.

Some quotes from the Sun Devils after that win, touching a bit on the rubber match with UCLA.

Carson, on his play in big moments: “I just try to come up big on big stages. I know my teammates look for me to create for them and create for myself, and I try to go out there and make big plays. …

“I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder growing up. People called me (height-)disabled because of my size on the basketball court, and I use that to my advantage. I try to attack the paint, fearless, and just try to go up and score and make big plays.”

Carson, on UCLA: “They’re a good team. They have a lot of strong weapons. But I think (if) we come out with the same mentality we came out with today, the same energy, the same toughness, I think we can control that game and control the tempo.”

Felix, on UCLA: “We’ve got to make sure we D-up and rebound. I think rebounding 50-50 plays tomorrow is definitely going to be key for us.”

Felix, on defending Shabazz Muhammad: “He’s going to look to score it every time. He runs the floor, and he’s a tough player. I’ve just got to make sure I stay composed, be smart on defense, and just play him straight up. I’ve got my teammates and I know if I get get into any trouble, I’ll have a little bit of help. But me and him are going to battle tomorrow.”

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  • Too bad it’s on the PAC crap network

    • Marc

      I’ve requested AT&T U-Verse to carry it, but it obviously isn’t a good business decision for them at the moment.

      I truly think that Larry Scott and whoever he put in charge of getting the TV deals done have failed miserably. They, in my opinion, overestimated their reach and have an unwillingness to admit mistakes on their part.

      As a businessman and business student myself, I find their tactics lacking in forethought. They appear to not have done the homework on possible negotiation hiccups and their, at least public, communication shows a lack of understanding of the service providers concerns.

      I’m not leaving AT&T U-Verse for the PAC-12 network. Too much good stuff with U-Verse to let this draw me away. I’ll continue to request action be taken on both sides to get a deal done.

      • Mark

        Larry Scott is in charge of the TV negotiation. The P-12 network is his signature “achievement.”

        Anyway, I’m on Dish, which means I get P-12 network but no Lakers games…

  • 92104bruinfan

    ASU has arguably been the Bruins’ toughest foe this season if both regular season tilts are any indication. Hope Bruins can control the glass or at least mitigate the rebounding deficit by doin’ work in other areas. Go Bruins!

  • Marc

    As I am typing this UCLA is down 25-17. I want Ben Howland GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you Freaking Kidding Me?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?

    This guy is DONE!!!!!!!!!

    I am so Pissed Off right now!!!!!!!

    I swear!!!!! I am so damn pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F U Ben Howland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ted

      perhaps you overreacted a bit too much? man up and apologize to BH. ASU is a tough match up for UCLA because of the height up to 7’2″center and a 5’10” speedy guard. Basketball is all about match ups. That’s why UCLA beats Arizona though a better team then ASU is an easier match up for UCLA. I give UCLA credit for out rebounding ASU…proff of being ready to play and a product of good coaching

      • Marc

        Over reaction, perhaps that is true. Though, I am a very passionate Bruin fan. Everyone who knows me knows that. I was absolutely livid at the level of play displayed for 3/4 of that game. I question the heart of any Bruin fan who was completely cool when they were down 15 to a team who 24 hours prior had played in a hotly contested overtime game in which they utilized a seven man rotation.

        Ben Howland gets a reprieve, but I can assure you that any loss prior to very deep in the NCAA’s is going to be a loss that will irk the Bruin fan base into a feeding frenzy.

        You may disagree with the tenor, but I can assure you that it isn’t just a small, extremist segment of Bruin fans that feel that way.

        There was a time when that was true; it no longer is….

        • Ted

          “Over reaction, perhaps” When you say “F U” to someone over something like being down in a basketball game, it is DEFINITELY an over reaction.
          Recruiting, coaching and managing the program is Ben Howland’s job. He has not done a stellar job the last 5 years and deserves criticism and or termination from his job. However he does not in any circumstance deserves to be called FU by you or anyone. Perhaps he will be fired in the near future. But in the years to come, Howland will deserve respect from Bruin fans because Howland as much as you or anyone is a Bruin. He will be remembered as a coach who took UCLA to 3 final four. He will be celebrated and you will be a guy who said “F U” to him.

    • maze949

      Go take your meds, Marcia.

      • Marc

        You may have had a point, then you threw in the name garbage. There goes any credibility on your part.

        Perhaps a bit strong on my part, but if you are a Bruin fan and you weren’t pissed when they appeared to be sleep walking their way to a first round exit in the PAC-12 tourney against an opponent that had just a day before played an overtime game, then I would have to question your fandom.

  • Marc

    ASU leads by 11 late in first half. Bachinski is having a career game, as I thought.

    Seriously, Howland supporters. This asu team played an overtime game less than 24 hours ago. If you aren’t pissed off like me at how this game is playing out, then I have to question your fan hood.

    Go Bruins! Fire Ben Howland at half time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!