Obama picks Gophers over Bruins

President Barack Obama unveiled his March Madness bracket this morning with ESPN’s Andy Katz, and joined the crowd when it came to the UCLA-Minnesota first-round game.

“UCLA lost a key player (in Jordan Adams),” he said. “Minnesota’s been playing tough. I think Tubby Smith’s team’s gonna do pretty well.”

Obama only picked one national champion correctly (UNC, 2009) in his first term, and his 2012 bracket was in the 63.6th percentile of ESPN users. This year, he picked Indiana to beat fellow No. 1-seed Louisville in the title game, with No. 3 Florida and No. 2 Ohio State filling out the rest of his Final Four.

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  • BruinRogue


  • Great news for bruin fans: he also said he’d reduce the debt by 50%.

  • Marc

    Obama is my man, and he watches bball. The dude knew Adams is out, that is impressive considering his high level job and all.

    If he’s right, Ben should be gone by Monday.

    • Drunk again 99%er?

      • Marc


        I don’t drink. Ha ha ha ha.

        Your the one who drinks. And, yes, I am a 99%. So are you, you just believe some garbage that you’ve been told. That’s too funny.

        Go back to your troGan blog.

        • It’s “you’re”. Nice education.

          • Marc

            Oh, got me there!

            Thanks to the republican plan to defund public education, no less.

            Be careful what you wish for…

          • If YOUR parents had gotten off their @$$es, you could have gone to a private school and GOT an education.

          • It is false to conclude that public education is worthless or that anyone’s inability to pay for a private education is due to sloth.

            Even more absurd is the idea that taxpayers ought to pay for someone else’s education or twice for their own children’s.

          • “gotten,” not “GOT.”

            What were you saying about education, again?

            (No one is above the law, not even trolling grammar police.)

          • Your ilk won’t know the difference

          • You sure don’t.

          • Instruction in the proper use of the homophones “your” and “you’re” occurs in the primary grades.

            So, if the “republican plan to defund public education” (which hasn’t happened; the Republicans still spend like drunken liberals, but for the sake of argument, let’s pretend they’ve got some common sense) is responsible for that, then that makes you about seven or eight-years-old.

            (Speaking of “believing garbage you’ve been told,” much of the ridiculous spending in public education is not “for the children,” but for buying teachers’ unions and political campaign advertising.)

    • Mark

      Wait a minute, I thought Mark with a K is the Howland antagonist and Marc with a C is the Howland apologist…

      • Marc

        I don’t apologize for anyone. I am on the side of replacing that man. I just don’t have the same strident philosophy as BN on the issue.

        • Mark

          Finally someone on my side!

        • So, someone whose greatest failure is to not win a national championship deserves to lose his job, but someone bankrupting, disarming, and subverting the greatest nation in human history and who despises that country’s Founding ideals is “your man”?

  • Doesn’t he have more important things to do, like bankrupting and disarming the Republic or sabotaging Israel?

    • Marc

      He is doing a fine job. I can’t wait for the opening of his re-education camps. You know; the ones that Ann coulter and the rest of the loonies were warning us about. I’m actually looking forward to them. Maybe they’ll help with my language skills.

      • That’s funny.

        But you don’t need to “open” that which is already in full operation.

  • Marc

    OMG!!! Okay, enough with the political nonsense. BTW? Who are we? Policy experts? LOL.

    Wichita State is schooling Pitt right now. I think we may have identified a new candidate for the head coaching position at UCLA.

  • miker%buffspec.com

    Lotta dead brain cells in this thread.