CSUN head coach candidates include UCLA assistants

UCLA assistant coaches Scott Garson and Phil Matthews are candidates for the Cal State Northridge head coaching vacancy. Garson has been with the Bruins for seven years, while Matthews has for three.

Matadors athletic director Brandon Martin, hired in late February, did not renew Bobby Braswell’s contract — ending the coach’s 17-year tenure. The other finalists for the position are Los Angeles D-Fenders coach Reggie Theus, Cal State Dominguez Hills coach Damaine Powell and Gonzaga assistant Donny Daniels.

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  • Mark

    This is not news. Howland is gone after tonight, and the assistants will go down the toilet with him

  • Marc

    Bye Bye Ben Howland.

    All you Howland supporters to death. Give it up. Are you watching this game?!?

    The silver lining if they lose will be that Ben will be gone by Monday!!!!

  • Marc

    Down by 14!!!!! Howland just called his fourth timeout of the first half.


  • Marc

    This game is OVER.

  • disqus_RIz2ko4CAZ

    This is so sloppy! Didn’t they practice this week?

  • One of the announcers said that it looks like this is the first time UCLA’s players have played together.

    They look like Howland’s teams often do.


  • Marc

    Zone defense. Ben doesn’t use it even though he should (8 fouls on his front court) and he does not know how to run an offense against it.

    Smart coach: Tubby Smith. By all accounts, he is a man to man guy as well. But, he obviously watches tape and knows how to break it down. Also, apparently not too stubborn to abandon his fav defense in order to take control of a game.

  • inhonorofpooh

    Marc – “All you Howland supporters to death. ”

    This is criminally ridiculous! Jack, you allow some pervert to openly threaten death to supporters of the UCLA head basketball coach? Ban that psychologically challenged loser before he does worse.