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  • Marc

    The three refs who officiated the Temple N.C. State game should NOT be allowed to officiate any more games.

    That is the worst officiating I have EVER seen in a game. My lord!

    The three men posing as officials should be arrested and charged with impersonation.

  • Dan

    The problem in trusting Travis Wear to box out is that’s like trusting Josh Smith to not pick up fouls. It’s ridiculous to think it’s going to happen. I mean, if Travis wear doesn’t miss a dunk (or two) and 3 layups against Oregon we probably would have won that game. I don’t mean to put it all on his shoulders because we have other guys who didn’t step up but your starting center that is an upperclassmen cannot go 4 for 12 from the field. The other big negative in the game was the Free Throw shooting from Shabazz, Anderson, and Powell as they made 8 of 16 free throws. If we would have shot free throws better and Travis played up to his potential, we win that game and are favored tonight.