Minnesota 35, UCLA 25: Halftime update

AUSTIN, Texas — All week long, UCLA insisted it was ready for the big stage.

The No. 6-seeded Bruins embraced the underdog role as it opened the NCAA tournament. They would prove the doubters wrong, they said, just as they had done on their way to a regular-season Pac-12 title.

But just 20 minutes into their matchup against No. 11-seed Minnesota, UCLA barely looked like a team that belonged in the NCAA tournament. The Bruins shot 8-of-30 from the field before halftime as it gave up a 35-25 lead to the Gophers.

No starter hit a field goal until senior point guard Larry Drew II sank a jumper with 9:42 left in the first half. Collectively, the five hit just three of their 25 shots. Star freshman Shabazz Muhammad went into the locker room with only five points, all earned at the free throw line.

The offense had little rhythm in its second game without freshman guard Jordan Adams, out with a broken right foot. The Bruins committed nine turnovers against three assists, and struggled against Minnesota’s shifting defensive schemes.

UCLA actually held a 24-16 edge on the glass against the Gophers, who entered the game ranked eighth in the country in rebounding margin. However, big men Travis Wear, David Wear and Tony Parker combined for eight fouls.

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  • Marc

    That flagrant foul on Parker was total BS!!!!

    I said it before. This is the worst officiating I’ve seen this post season. I mean, seriously! Pathetic officiating over all in the entire tournament.

    There needs to be some accountability on these refs. It was putrid in the earlier games today and its pretty darn bad in this game as well.


    • Unless WE are winning

      • Marc

        You’re a TroGan. What’s this WE?

        I was talking earlier about how bad the officiating was in the NC State game. I had no favorite in that game.

        The officiating is Terrible. To point to this game, there was a sequence where Powell was called for contact on a three pointer resulting in three free throws

        • Marc

          A short moment later, Shabbaz was clearly touched (no less than Powell’s contact) and no call. Then next time down court Shabbaz goes in for a layup and is clearly fouled, no call.

          It is interesting. I believe UCLA has more fouls and more free throws. Very interesting.

          No matter. UCLA is losing this game.

      • maze949

        Blowjobby didn’t get in to UCLA (requited love)…he’s been bitter all of his drunk, pathetic life.

        • Didn’t want too. Wasn’t a minority

          • Marc

            A racist drunkard?

          • You? Maybe.

          • Marc

            Not a racist bone in my body. I love people. ALL people. In fact, I love all inhabitants of this lonely planet.

          • I love you too

          • maze949

            Racist, misogynist moron. Typical trOJie!

  • Marc

    Howland said he was going to play Sooren. Well?

  • So far WE stink

    • maze949

      Home on a Friday night, trolling a rival’s blog. You’re a winner.

      • 83 points so far. What a joke.

        • maze949

          You’re a winner, I can tell. Your football and basketball teams agree.

          • Deflect. 83-63

          • maze949

            You’re using OTHER team’s scores to prove your “point”? Haha, what a trOJan winner. 38-28.

          • Hahahaha. 83-63. ShaaaaaaaCLANK. Cheaters.

  • 6 min left. Turn out the lights. We STINK. Goodbye Shabooom

  • Are thr bruins playing the Globetrotters?

    • maze949

      Classic trOJan education!

      • 83-63. Disgraceful

        • maze949

          As disgraceful as a trOJan education? Or a SUC troll on a
          Friday night, drinking by himself at his Mom’s house.

          • At least I got your wife home early……this time. Nice game

          • maze949

            20 wins in the last two seasons. Fight on, trogans!

          • And no NC.

  • Nice last shot. ShaaaaaaaaaaCLANK

  • Marc

    To Mark and all others who denigrate Tony Parker. He played like a beast tonight and with more seasoning could’ve been even better.

    I hope he stays once the new head coach comes in and tells him he’s the starting center next year.