Muhammad’s father reportedly lied about son’s age

A Los Angeles Times report today revealed that UCLA star Shabazz Muhammad’s age is not 19, but 20.

The article explores how Muhammad’s father, Ron Holmes, carefully crafted a path to athletic success — one that included fudging his son’s year of birth.

Muhammad’s birthday had long been reported as Nov. 13, 1993, and was listed as such in the UCLA media guide. However, a copy of his birth certificate obtained by the Times lists it as Nov. 12, 1992.

After Holmes admitted to Muhammad’s true age, he sent the reporter this text: “Bazz is going to blow up in the NBA lets team up and blow this thing up!!! I’m going to need a publicist anyway why shouldn’t it be you. We can do some big things together.”

A UCLA spokesman said Muhammad’s age will not affect his eligibility to play in the NCAA tournament.

Long considered to be a “one-and-done,” Muhammad’s college career will likely end whenever the Bruins finish their season. He’s currently being talked about as a top-five or top-10 pick in the NBA Draft, something the age change shouldn’t affect dramatically.

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  • drakejr

    In related news an investigation by the Time revealed that Shabazz had the maturity levels of a 12 year old and the entitlement levels of a 17 century French aristocrat. I am getting so tired of his crap, one and done isn’t soon enough.

  • Shocking.

  • Reformed Droog

    I didn’t realize Shabazz was a Dominican name…

  • Mark

    I’ve told you guys for 3 months now that Shabazz and every player like him is bad for news for Ucla. This is not a one-and-done program. If you want the straightest path to the NBA, I have no problem with that, just don’t take that path through Westwood.

  • Gee I didn’t realize it was ok to lie on a NCAA Letter of Intent and submit false documents to get a scholarship. Is Sam Gilbert his granddaddy? Laughable.

    • maze949

      Gee, I didn’t realize it was ok for SUC players to punch women. Is Chris Brown their cousin? Not funny…

      • Can’t face the truth of your dirty program?

        • Marc

          How does this make the program dirty?!?

          You are a drunk ‘ole fool.

          • They know the kid got in under a false application. They, and you, don’t care as long as you win. The kid and dad are flat out liars and cheaters. But, that’s the Wooden way.

          • Bill

            Isn’t his dad a SuC alum? I believe that is the Toejam way!

    • Marc

      Drunk again?

      Go back you your TroGan blog.

      • You’re a tool.

        • Marc

          Actually, I am not a tool. It is you who comes to this blog drunk and looking to rile people up with your foolish comments.

          I only look to kick it up a notch. Just in the name of fun and games.

          • Right. Go eat another bagel.

          • Marc

            Mmmmm. Love me some bagels. Oh, yeah!

    • Hogsman


      • Must be watching 50-0

        • Marc

          Watching 38-28 and Barkley eating Rosebowl turf. LOL

          • Nice national championship after winning 20 in a row. Hilarious.

          • Marc

            Cheat on! Everyone knows that those NC’s under cheaty Peety are shady. LOL

            but, ends justify the means, don’t they?

          • Fucla should know. Wooden was filthy.

          • Bill

            What National Championships did SuC win under Cheaty Petey? LSU, Vacant, Alabama! The self-proclaimed “greatest team of the decade” never won a NC!

          • Check legit AP.

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      I see U came up for air. How are the deep throat exercises helping your acting career in the valley?

  • Oz

    Who cares, parents do this all the time in high school football so the kid can be physically bigger against the competition. This isn’t going to affect his draft stock even a little, like a GM that would want him, isn’t going to take him now that he’s 20, like he’s too old. This is trying to manufacture smoke so people can pretend there’s fire, a hatchet job on Holmes, just weak.

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      Pure UCLA fans should care… We’re not Probation U of south central…. nor U of Miami we’re above that BS. We don’t need to pander to the slimy, untrustworthy types to win at UCLA.

      We should respect the rules and laws in place for our student athletes not mire in the grey area. Shabazz needs to be 1 and done he’s and embarrassment, This is an indictment on Uncle Ben, he’s so desperate to save face, he’s now resorting to taking kids into the program with shady backgrounds……NOT COOL!!!!!!!!

      In honorable dealing you should consider what you intended, not what you said or thought.
      Marcus Tullius Cicero

      • Right. The kid and family are liars and cheaters. 8 Cheat. How’s Linda Is?

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          U mean cheat on, right?


        Go jump in the lakers! a lot of schools were after Shabazz.After adams went down did you expect a win?Uncle Ben did good with this team.The NCAA did them wrong giving them a high seed after the injury wanted to make them look bad losing to Uncle Tubby.

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          Really? that’s the only response U’ll get for that lame garbage U posted. Get a real opinion and get back to me

          • Who cares about getting back to YOU?

    • No they don’t. There is a huge difference between holding a kid back and lying on a scholarship application. Cheat On!

    • Bill

      But would you use a lottery pick for him? But, then again, as a six foot six, under 50% shooter, who plays no defense, he does bring a unique talent to a team. This type of player is a dime a dozen and you could get any number of them for the veteran’s exemption, rather than a lottery pick.

  • Marc

    Bye Bye Shabazz. I won’t miss you.

    Go be the next OJ Mayo in the NBA

    • Drunk again?

      • Marc

        I told you I don’t drink.

        • Marc

          I’m fired up right now! Ben is coaching his last game as the head coach of UCLA.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Well, the Shabazz Howland and Ben Muhammed era is over…..hopefully if we can get Shaka Smart and THE BIGGEST “IF,” if we had a AD who had the wherewithal to bring it to life.
    PS….. please don’t correct me on the way I wrote their names.

    • You are sugary sweeeet hilarious

  • No doubt a skill he mastered during his tenure as a student at U$C. Lane Kiffen would no doubt be proud of him!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    I must be missing something. I don’t see where Shabazz is a one and done. He was a nice player to have up until now. But, I don’t see him as ready for the NBA. He is not ready to step onto a team right now and improve them, which is what a lottery pick should be. Do you waste a lottery pick on someone who may take a few years before he contributes? If he didn’t suddenly have baggage, he should stay another year or two.

    Also, I don’t see how this doesn’t hurt him being evaluated for the NBA. It is a big difference between being a 19 year old and a 20 year old and if you are looking great because you are more developed physically, it isn’t an accurate assessment. Plus, being a freshman at 20 years old isn’t going to draw some red flags? This is definitely worse than Mante Teo.