• Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Just finished watching the press conference.

    Coach Howland is a class act. I only wish things could have ended differently for him and for UCLA. Thank you, Coach Howland, for everything you accomplished at UCLA.

    In my opinion Coach Howland is certainly among UCLA’s finest coaches since Coach Wooden retired, and I’ve seen them all. He along with Gene Bartow and Larry Brown are at the top (with Jim Harrick also in the mix). Had Coach Howland coached in an era where players stayed through their senior (or even junior) seasons, things would be very different. To put things in perspective, although I have great reverence for Coach Wooden, I doubt he would have enjoyed anywhere near the success he did had he been a present-day coach, and let’s not forget it was 15 years before he won his first championship. It is doubtful he would have been given that much latitude as a contemporary coach at UCLA.

    Best of luck to you Coach Howland and please do not take another coaching position in the Pac-12!

    • if he didn’t run players off, that transferred to other schools the result might have been different as well.

      But one must ask why do former players not speak well of the program and have been reported telling recruits to go elsewhere???????

      See daily breeze story of Kevin Love and Stan Love telling highly sought recruit, go elsewhere.

      and what exactly did the staff do to get Kevin Love ready for the pros? or Morgan, or Smith or Parker??????

  • Mark

    How many times have we seen him sit down and open that bottle of water? This guy rambles like no one’s business.

    • Bruwins

      How many times InsideSocal readers have to suffer from idiotic rambling from our resident idiot? This idiot rambles like no one’s business.

    • Michael Daly

      Coming from you that is priceless. It is obvious you have no class at all and I don’t think you are a UCLA fan. Why don’t you go post on a blog of the school you really support.

  • Class guy. Should go to SC where he belongs. Class = Class

    • maze949

      Hahahahaha…Blowjob’s a comedian. Lots of laughs, all directed AT you, loser. “Fight on!” trOJie.

      • In your case, @$$ = @$$

        • maze949

          Yawn, boring troll

  • BruinRogue

    *sigh*. He brought Final Fours to my college stay and is a classy guy so I can’t knock him too hard. All he needed to do was open up the offense, stop calling timeouts that kill momentum and leave us with none for the last minutes of the game, and let the players play. Then he could’ve stayed and even won a championship if he did that. In the end, his shortcomings did him in and sadly, he had to go.

    • maze949

      I like how you use “brought Final Fours to my college stay” so casually. (they’re so easy to come by and all). I went to UCLA (00-04) during a time with NO Pac-10 Championships, NO Gatorade POY recruits, no Arron Afflalo’s, no FF’s, etc. But you’re right…it was the timeouts.

      • BruinRogue

        Sucks for you.

    • sorry but at UCLA the slogan isn’t we bring final fours to campus, and they don’t hang banners for that at UCLA.

      He is lucky he wasn’t coaching years ago here and Coaches were run out of town with far better records and more success.

  • This was a classy final act by Coach Ben Howland. The decision to part ways with him was correct for so many on and off-the-court reasons, but his unwavering appreciation and respect for what makes UCLA such a great university, athletics program, and basketball team is truly sincere. I wish him the best and look forward to the next chapter for UCLA Basketball.

  • Reformed Droog

    While it was time to go, I will miss Coach Howland. Thanks for all your hard work and your dedication to UCLA.

    On another note -Jack, you might want to look into getting a boom mic if you’re shooting video from your iPhone. The person mashing away at their laptop keyboard is distracting…

  • Marc

    ROFL about fester “calling the shots” re the UCLA bball head coach search. The dude is so clueless and acts like a thirteen yr old in his parents basement. His minions fawn over his words like some pseudo cult group. LOL.

    Beer-math dude is starting to bring the ax as well. Now there’s a trifecta of total keyboard harda**es (fester, tydes and beer-math dude).

    They are too funny. Everyone else is just stupid because they don’t see things their way. Oh, how I love it.

    If I were a writer for SNL I would write a skit on those guys. Someone has got to get some comedians on this immediately.

  • so Marco Rubio had a sip of water and was told that it might ruin his presidential aspirations. Wonder if having that sip disqualifies one from being a coach? (poor attempt at satire)

    But it is strange that this time he had to open the bottle himself, as in the past he demanded another to open the bottle for him and do so while wearing rubber gloves.