Tevin McDonald released for violation of team policy

Safety Tevin McDonald has been released from the UCLA football team for a violation of team policy. The junior was suspended for last year’s Holiday Bowl for reportedly failing a third drug test.

Head coach Jim Mora would not confirm whether this most recent violation was the same was the one that sidelined him for the Bruins’ season finale.

“I’m disappointed for Tevin,” Mora said. “I’ve known him since he was a young boy. Probably met him when he was five. I care about him and I hope that everything turns out well for him. He’s got a great family. He’s got very supportive parents, and I know they’ll find the right avenues for him to have success.”

McDonald’s brother T.J. was an All-American safety at USC, and their father, Tim, was a six-time All-Pro at the same position. Tevin started in 24 games over two seasons, and was third on the team with 79 tackles in 2012.

His dismissal leaves the Bruins especially thin in the secondary. UCLA reeled in a star-studded recruiting class for the position group, but none will arrive until fall. Mora said he expects incoming freshmen Tahaan Goodman, Priest Willis, Tyler Foreman and Johnny Johnson to all push for starting spots, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if all contributed immediately.

Sophomore Randall Goforth and junior Dietrich Riley, who has been cleared for contact since undergoing neck surgery last spring, will be the starting safeties for spring.

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  • BruinRogue

    Damn. That sucks.

  • Bru-Crew_UCLA

    Wow!!! I had a feeling he would do something selfish again before the season was over. What an idiot. Hope he matures soon and get his stuff together. Although his dad played at sc, his family doesn’t deserve this negative attention. An absolute embarrassment to his family and UCLA. I glad that he will not be allowed to embarrass UCLA. anymore. Way to go coach, keep them in line or show them the door.

    • Glad SC wouldn’t take the slug. But he belongs on the bruin team.

      • Bru-Crew_UCLA

        He is a better safety than his brother who attended south-less central

        • Who cares? We had his old man and a NC. You’re left holding a bag of doo doo. And one NC in BB in 38 years.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            you’re right! sc has had “N.C.’s” for decades…… as in Nauseating Coaches, National Cheaters, Numerous Criminals… and No-one Cares about Nonexistent Chumps from south-less central anymore. Get a life……….

          • Hilarious from a Nitwitted Chump.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA


          • Oh that’s funny. Go back to the library

          • That’s not fair to Neanderthals.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            I apologize to all remaining Neanderthals for my insensitive and inflammatory comment . blow joe aka DEEP THROAT is merely an infectious bacteria who loiters on this site between his bestiality scenes. He could never reach the intelligence level to be a neanderthal.

          • (Neanderthals were pretty bright.)

      • Marc

        Are you serious? LOL

  • Brian

    Thanks for everything Tevin, and good luck at your next school.

  • js

    honestly not that big of a loss in my opinion. hopefully the young man can get some help and get his life re-prioritized.

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      Really? His loss is only mitigated due to the awesome job UCLA coaches did bring in great safety prospects. I take it U did not attend or watch any games in which he played with that bone head comment.

      • Sorry, *dude*, but js is right. TM was awful in man coverage! He may very well have lost his starting spot, anyway.

        • Bru-Crew_UCLA

          the secondary had been suspect for at least 5 yeras. give me something more than a “piggy back” comment if U agree with him. Which games did he cause us to loose. Hester and Price were they causalities not T Mc.

          • Now you’re Nestoring.

          • Bru-Crew_UCLA

            That’s a pretty ambiguous word…

          • Marc

            But nestor, I mean fester, replies in shortest comments possible. Dude doesn’t have the ability to fully communicate his thoughts thoughtfully.

          • Did you watch the Cal game? It’s easy to blame the corners because they’re on an island, but often times it’s the safety not doing his job that causes the problem and makes a corner look bad.

            Mark my words; our secondary will not suffer due to this loss!

      • Don’t Tydides him.

        • Marc

          But tydy’s comments are even shorter than festers. LOL.

          • Nestor strives for concision (which explains the apparently-random exclusion of prepositions, conjunctions, articles — and common human decency — in his posts).

      • Ted

        Its a loss because he was a starter but over hyped because his 3 interception game…were you there in the stadium? All three were poor throws. Two were thrown right to him and another was a “duck” It reminded me of Larry Brown of the Cowboys Since then he has not had any spectacular interceptions. He is an average run defender and is pedestrian at best at pass coverage. He will be missed as an experienced player but not losing too much talent.

  • Mark

    good riddance. ucla doesn’t need knuckleheads like that. what an embarrassment!

  • 92104bruinfan

    I was at the game against Cal when he tallied 3 picks as a freshman on his way to Freshman All-American selection in 2011. Thought we were set for the next few years at that position. Disappointing to no end.but life goes on. Hope this serves as a life lesson that will benefit him as he matures. As for the Bruins, the incoming frosh will have to learn on the job and fast in this conference.

    Go Bruins!