Shaka Smart signs extension with VCU

You can officially strike Shaka Smart from UCLA’s coaching search.

As multiple outlets pointed toward yesterday, Virginia Commonwealth’s hotly-sought head coach has signed an extension through 2023. Sports Illustrated first reported that the 35-year-old will receive a pay bump to $1.5 million per year, up from $1.2 million. VCU is expected to announce the news officially in the next 24 hours.

SI said Smart turned down an offer from UCLA to stay with the Rams. He has also rejected job offers from Illinois and North Carolina State since leading VCU to a Final Four in 2011. His most recent commitment makes it clear that he wants to stay in Richmond, Va., for the long haul.

With UCLA and Minnesota bandying for his services, Smart certainly could have commanded more than a $1.5 million he reportedly will now make. What he got in the restructured contract, according to SI, included more salary and perks for his staff, along with improved meal and travel for his players.

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  • Smart is overrated. Prefer Stevens or Donovan.

  • Not ready for the big time.

  • drakejr

    A 10 year contract? Stupid. There is no way on earth that both parties will be happy with a contract of that duration 4 years from now. If Smart is as talented a coach as I think he is, he’s eventually going to want to explore his options. If he isn’t, VCU will learn to regret the premium price they paid.

  • Bruin Will

    Good move. The old Greg Schiano “I’m going to stay and turn this program into a dynasty” line always works out well.

  • Laughable. The ucla job is second tier.

    • drakejr

      So still 4 tiers above USC?

      • Nobody at SC cares about BB. If the FB head position came available, coaches would be falling over themselves to get the job. Nobody wants your headliner job. It’s Yesterday U.

        • huitzilopochtli

          Isn’t that what you guys said before you ended up with Lane?

          • Nope. Face the music. EVERYBODY thinks it’s a second tier job. Cowherd, Dan Patrick, Vitale, AND all the coaches that have said NO. WAKE UP. Look at your own program. You’ll never be able to measure up to USC. Dream On!

  • Mark

    Then he’s not the guy for us. Yes, Guerrero needs to put together an attractive package, but I would like to know who’s hungry for the position. Which coach out there is calling Guerrero? That’s the guy we want!

  • Marc

    Gregg Marshall.

  • huitzilopochtli

    Obviously he took notice that Coach Howland was fired even though he won his conference (and the history of three straight final fours). Basically win a title fast or you’re gone. Wasn’t willing to take on the challenge. Give me a true winner that isn’t afraid of pressure. NEXT…

    • You’re an idiot. We only “won” the PAC 12 conference, because Oregon lost its last two games at Utah and Colorado. In fact we were one of 4 teams in contention for the week conference title this year.

      • huitzilopochtli

        Idiot? Fact, UCLA won the conference championship. How is irrelevant when considering my point is Shaka wasn’t willing to take on the expectations. In fact, your argument supports it. Diminishing a conference title? Those are exactly the kind of expectations he wasn’t willing to take on.

        Note that my comment about winning the title was not in defense of Ben Howland, he had to go. It is just obvious that Shaka is not a fit if he is afraid of expectations.

  • skinnypup

    Brian Shaw is a done deal as next coach — will be signed next week.

    a good hire – not the popular pick but a great fit (contract language needs to prohibit a jump to NBA)