Butler’s Brad Stevens turns down UCLA

All the biggest names in UCLA’s coaching search are likely off the market.

Butler’s Brad Stevens will remain in Indianapolis, multiple reports indicated this morning. The 36-year-old head coach was a top target for the Bruins after the team officially fired Ben Howland on Sunday after 10 seasons. Stevens led the Bulldogs to back-to-back national title games in 2010 and 2011, and will be a critical part of the team’s transition to the new Big East next season.

An Indiana native, the coaching wunderkind reportedly makes $1 million a year and has turned down multiple offers from bigger-name programs. Stevens tweeted this morning: “Love walking thru Hinkle (Fieldhouse) in the morning… Anxious to get started on our spring workouts next week.”

ESPN first reported Friday morning that Stevens would stay. The news organization had initially reported yesterday that UCLA was in contract negotiations with Stevens before backtracking.

After missing on Stevens, the Bruins may look at candidates such as Marquette’s Buzz Williams or Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall. Both advanced their teams to the Elite Eight this season. UCLA could also still try and get established names like Louisville’s Rick Pitino or Florida’s Billy Donovan, but both seem like pipe dreams after Stevens’ rejection.

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  • skinnypup

    – ucla flew to Indiana this week and met with candidates (several)

    – ucla will make an offer next week — deal is confirmed

    – new coach is Brian Shaw

    can anyone do reporting on this stuff without re-listing the same names of folks that were never going to come to ucla (Pitino / Donavan), re-treads that can’t win (romar/gottfried) , and mid-majors that are happy where they are (stevens/smart). its as if nobody is good hire but the same folks that aren’t a good fit in the first place (a major attribute for being a good fit is an actual desire to coach at ucla). same thing happened with mora — the world was going to end because mike leach was hired at wazzou and peterson wanted to stay at Boise St. — and obviously there were only 3-4 people on the planet that could be a good fit for the ucla football program.

    talk to friends of agents – wives hairdressers — anyone — just don’t re-post the same crap from the same 4 news outlets. do your job. we will have a great new coach — report the frigin news don’t just re-post stuff. or why do this for a living?

    • Bru-Crew_UCLA

      I’ve been on the B-Shaw Bandwagon since U fired it up. He would be a great choice. Nate Mcmillan and Mike Brown would also fit the bill.

      • skinnypup

        so would byron scott — but he was too expensive

      • Or Digger Phelps.

  • Kent Clarkfield

    Billy would be great but I don’t see him leaving…and RP is not leaving Louisville (there are juist as many frisky waitresses in Kentucky as there are in Beverly Hills). Maybe we could live with a Brian Shaw or similar. Not Gott (he mercifully said he’s staying) or Lorenzo, or Kareem. Phil? Dreaming. But we can dream. This is such a cluster%!@# at this point.

  • FreeShabazz

    What a nightmare. Fire Howland with absolutely no back up plan. Mark another coach off Trojan Mark’s list.

  • Please not Lorenzo Romar or Kareem.

    • ljtdds

      they should be so lucky

  • Deciding to stay with Butler over UCLA is like staying CEO at Dairy Queen over taking a job at McDonald’s.
    Plain chicken xhit.

  • Chuck Bruin

    When VCU and Butler head coaches start rejecting UCLA….

    • Actually comparing Dairy Queen to Butler is an insult to Dairy Queen.

    • Mark

      Those guys have turned a lot of other people down, too. It’s not a slam dunk that everyone is automatically going to want to come here. Being in such a large city is quite complicated.

      Stevens is from Indianapolis. He’s basically lived there his entire life. He’s comfortable, it’s what he knows. Butler is joining the (new) Big East next year. Maybe Stevens thinks he has enough to work with to win a national championship at Butler.

  • Sakes Alive

    This is feeling a lot like our recent football search. If we didn’t have one of our top choices in the bag, Guerrero should have never fired Howland. Pitino and Donovan are most likely pipe dreams that sold Bruins on the firing.

    I think our targets should either be Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall or Marquette’s Buzz Williams

    • Mark

      I think we can all agree that, in hindsight, getting Mora was the best possible outcome. And he was a candidate totally out of the blue. It’s been less than a week–let’s see what happens with some of these coaches still in the Ncaa tournament.

  • Mark

    If Ucla is no longer considered a prime coaching opportunity, then that accountability lands on Guerrero’s desk.

    • Reformed Droog

      Who’s voting this down? This is practically the only thing Mark has ever written that I agree with…

      • Mark

        I’ve said plenty of intelligent things here. Don’t forget I predicted Howland’s demise months ago. The ubiquitous Joe Blow is a true “troll” as you term it.

        • Reformed Droog

          You’re really claiming to be intelligent because you predicted that Howland would lose his job when everyone on the planet already knew that was the most likely outcome? Really?

          Come on, man, you’re either an overly passionate UCLA fan or you’re a troll. Writing junk like this just makes it clear that you’re just as big a troll as Joe Blow.

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan

    Peterson redux. Disappointing but certainly not surprising outcome.

    Nevertheless I have a strong feeling we will land a superb coach yet. Somebody not on most people’s radar–a Van Gundy, a Brian Shaw, a Kareem? Although someone from the college ranks is probably still the most likely outcome, as I discussed in my previous posting, it may not be as easy as most believe to pry away a promising young coach already in a sweet setup. A pro coach looking for another opportunity seems to me a very plausible scenario.

    Not to despair, it’s been less than a week and it’s silly to think we would have had someone “wrapped up” before the NCAA tournament had even started (which essentially would have been the requirement since Howland was fired on the first weekend).

  • Boo hoo. I’ve been telling you NOBODY worth anything wants tis job. How many more turn down ucla before you wake up? Ucla in basketball is Yesterday U.

  • ljtdds

    Dan should have gone with Ben

    • This is hilarious

      • Not as hilarious as the fact that $UC hasn’t been able to find a new coach in months…what a worthless institution.

        • Hahahahaha. We don’t care about BB. You can’t find a coach for your headline sport. Talk about a worthless institution. LOL

          • Wow. What a BIG name. Alford.

  • Marc

    Gregg Marshall.

  • disqus_RIz2ko4CAZ

    Mike Brown in da’ house! This hiring ordeal is killing me and getting me down.

  • betomas

    Mike Brown would be way too real a choice for UCLA. doubt it.

  • UCLA ’64

    This is very slipshod reporting. Who said Stevens was ever offered the job or even approached? Just because a bunch of Internet yahoos float names of different coaches that does not mean any of those coaches have been approached or offered. Next up for Internet rumors is Gregg Marshall. Please wait until you’ve confirmed that there was an offer before you report that he turned it down.