Alford adds Indiana prep coach Ed Schilling to UCLA staff

Steve Alford said during his introductory press conference Tuesday that his UCLA staff would be filled within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Former New Mexico assistant Duane Broussard, whom Alford officially announced while giving his opening statement at Pauley Pavilion, was the first name. According to the Indianapolis Star, former Wright State head coach Ed Schilling is the next, leaving one more open Bruins assistant spot.

“I wasn’t really looking to get back into college coaching,” Schilling told the Star. “I was content with what I was doing. But to be able to coach with one of my best friends and to do it at UCLA was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Schilling spent the past four years at Park Tudor, a private K-12 school with a total enrollment of less than 1,000. While there, the 47-year-old won two Class 2A state titles, notably coaching Yogi Ferrell — recently named to the Big Ten All-Freshman Team as he led Indiana with 4.3 assists.

He compiled a 75-93 record at Wright State from 1997-2003, and worked as an assistant under John Calipari at Massachusetts, Memphis and the New Jersey Nets. He also founded the basketball training facility Champions Academy, and has also worked extensively with Adidas Nations.

Schilling co-wrote a book on basketball guard play with Alford.

  • Hank

    Seriously? “Schilling spent the past four years at Park Tudor, a private K-12 school…” If that does’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will. Perhaps this, “He compiled a 75-93 record at Wright State from 1997-2003…”. Sigh.

    • Steve Haas

      He has an excellent reputation in working with the local high schools in Indiana. That is extremely important in college sports. The kids listen to their coaches and when it comes to basketball, what sells better than the name, UCLA.

  • Michelle Bailey Sidwell

    Shouldn’t we be hiring some people with west coast recruiting ties?

    • 92104bruinfan

      Alford has established ties with several AAU coaches in CA…but yeah his selection of assistants are perplexing to say the least.

      • Bob Guess

        These are 2 of the very Best Assistants out there so to say they are perplexing to say the least says that you are not at all familiar with the ENTIRE background & connections of both of these Coaches…
        Coach Alford could not have chosen 2 better Assistants….
        I’m just interested now in seeing his final selection but I’m sure it’ll be a Home Run too..

    • Steve Haas

      He has already built strong ties in the area.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Pains me to say this but it was hard not to be impressed with Andy Enfield at his press conference at that other school across town. Yeah, he doesn’t have Alford’s recruiting ties in CA nor his head coaching experience but his style of play and well rounded background may have made for a calculated gamble here if the Shaka Smarts, Brad Stevens, Buzz Williams, and Gregg Marshalls of the coaching world weren’t going to come to Westwood.

    As a Bruin fan, I’m behind Coach Alford for now and hope he can re-establish CA recruiting ties despite his not so great history both on and off the court. However, he has little room for error as this hire is certainly a gamble of its own and hopefully DG knows his a** is on the line with this decision.

    Go Bruins!

    • 92104bruinfan

      Well so much for DG’s job security issue after Block & co extended him thru 2019.

    • Barry Levy

      dan just had his contract extended until 2019, doubt that his butt is on the line.

      • 92104bruinfan

        Yeah, saw that earlier today…my timing was impeccable no?

  • Marc

    The ONLY thing so far that has me fairly happy with this Alford character is that Norman Powell is staying. Though, he stayed more because Ben is gone than Steve is here.

    He is going to have to get some solid recruits, keep the current team intact (sans Shabazz), and win, win, win. Short of that, and if Enfield starts winning in better fashion or with more frequency across town, you better bet the fan base will grow discontented rather quickly and boisterously.

    • Steve Haas

      The biggest thing for Alford and his staff is to rebuild the damage Howland did with local high schools and local basketball clubs. If they can get the local coaches back into the fold with the Bruins, look out. The talent pipe line in Southern California is immense. If you don’t think so, just look at all the kids from the area on every other top teams throughout the country. Howland destroyed those ties that had taken years to build and help build UCLA into one of the top 5 programs in the country if not the top one.

    • Joe Blow

      Don’t forget his support of rape.

  • Rob M

    Schilling sounds like more of a skills coach, not a tactician, so a losing record at Wright State doesn’t sound too unpalatable. It would be nice to see our players grow on both sides of the ball… CBH never seemed to improve his players’ offensive skills.

    As far as the SC hire… you could put anyone in that job and it would look like a “great gamble”. The expectations are so low that any wins/excitement would be a godsend. Enfield is a good hire for them because he has the potential to be a homerun, but if he fizzles out as a flash-in-the-pan, no one would care because SC’s BB program has been in shambles for so long. UCLA could not/should not take a risk hiring a coach like that to lead our program. (You can argue that Shaka Smart is risky in the same manner, albeit with more credibility from his success in recent years.) Alford may not be the buzzy, sexy hire, but he has improved his coaching chops over the years and put together a solid program at UNM. He easily fits into the “let’s see what he can do with more resources” category.

  • chinob53

    Does anyone know if the Bruins are going for a big man commit for next year?

  • Sam C

    guess who is interested in replacing Mike Rice at Rutgers? Yes, coach Ben Howland!!!!!